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Making plant-based
food attractive

At Bonduelle, we firmly believe that
nature is our future.
We are convinced
that feeding 9 billions people around
the world by 2050 is only possible with
the help of vegetables, fruits and
naturally-grown products.


objectives 2025

100% of our brands with a positive impact

Encouraging better eating behavior through the Louis Bonduelle Foundation

The results so far in a few figures

85 000

food safety tests
are run each year
on our products


of plants have an
traceability and safety certification

500 000 people

benefiting from the work
of our Foundation

7 countries

where the Louis Bonduelle Foundation is present
and promotes innovative and positive projects




commitments of Bonduelle brand on every products for sustainable farming and food.

The Louis Bonduelle Foundation,
promotes a “better eating”

Since 2004, the Louis Bonduelle Foundation has been working globally to to help consumers incorporate plant-based food in their daily lives in a useful, realistic and original way.

The goal of the Foundation is to go beyond rhetoric and empower people to move from theory to practice. The Foundation relies on the expertise of renowned scientists and is committed to demonstrating responsibility by measuring the impact of actions taken on the evolution of dietary practices or lifestyles and their effectiveness.

Our food commitment in action

Working with vegetables at their peak

Whether its frozen broccoli or canned beans, we wait until the crop is mature before we harvest to ensure it is high quality. We use short distances between the field and packaging of products so that they do not spoil in transit, and to prepare them as quickly as possible after harvesting.
When they reach your plate, Bonduelle’s canned green beans contain as much vitamin C as fresh green beans purchased and cooked 4 days after harvesting.Source: the Bonduelle frontal fluorescence study from 2008 and the Bonduelle fresh vs. Processed comparison study from 2008

Quality checks at every stage

We conduct quality checks when we receive products, during production, and before distributing them to our customers. Each time, different tests are performed including analyses of bacteria, taste, color, caliber, and maturity, among others. On average, frozen green beans undergo 18 types of inspections.
A sample library: we freeze a sample of every batch of vegetables delivered to our factories and keep it for 5 years.


We have two obsessions: taste and nutrition. Our chefs create recipes to showcase vegetables and what they have to offer. As society’s expectations change, demanding more natural food, we are on the frontline of progress. 100% of our canned products are preservatives free*.
Less saltWe are committed to changing habits, but want to do so Carefully. That’s why we have been steadily decreasing the salt in our recipes over the last 10 years.

Added sugar?Only in a few cases
We only add sugar to recipes that traditionally use it (like steamed carrots and peas), to soften the natural bitterness of a vegetable (like endives or Brussels sprouts), or to counter the acidity of an ingredient (such as vinegar).*in accordance with regulations

More efficient INITIATIVES

Driving Interest in the Vegetable Product Industry

Vegetables for People Living in Dire Poverty

Spoiled vegetables put to good use


Our other commitments to



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