Our ethical & anti-corruption approach

As a French, family-owned business with a long-term focus, the Bonduelle Group has made strong, long-standing commitments to ethical and transparent business conduct, in line with its values. This approach has been reinforced by the adoption of a zero-tolerance policy toward the risk of corruption, as well as the provision of a whistle-blowing system accessible to all stakeholders.

Through its commitment to the planet, food and humanity, the Bonduelle Group offers a sustainable development project, ensuring that meeting the needs of the current generations does not deprive future generations of meeting theirs.


With our long-standing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy, we are committed to transparent and ethical business conduct.


A signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, Bonduelle undertakes to uphold and promote 10 fundamental values related to Human Rights, labor standards, the environment and the fight against corruption.


This voluntary approach has been reinforced since 2012 by the publication of our Ethics Charter. And in accordance with the regulations in force*, our commitments are backed up by an anti-corruption program and a vigilance plan aimed at preventing our negative impacts on the environment, human health and safety, fundamental freedoms and human rights.

Bonduelle’s strategy and compliance programs are described in the Bonduelle Group’s Universal Registration Document, which meets the precise and demanding standards of the Afep-Medef Code, its corporate governance code.


The Universal Registration Document includes its CSR report.


Bonduelle seeks to uphold ethical and sustainable principles both upstream and downstream, and thereby increase the positive impact of its activities, both with its employees and with all of its stakeholders.


As such, Bonduelle expects them to reject corruption or violations of human rights, fundamental freedoms, human health and safety, and environmental damage.


Bonduelle has implemented a comprehensive sensitization program that includes statements by members of management, training courses, policies, and guides to ensure that everyone has the means to defend and maintain ethical business conduct. In particular, Bonduelle has issued the following documents:


  • The Code of Conduct for Ethical Business Practice

The Code of Conduct for Ethical Business Practice is a mandatory document for all Bonduelle Group employees. It defines the fundamental rules of business ethics and illustrates the various types of impermissible behavior that are likely to constitute a breach of integrity and, in particular, acts of corruption or influence-peddling.

Download the Bonduelle Code of Conduct for Ethical Business Practice



  • Supplier Code of Conduct

The Supplier Code of Conduct is one of the ways in which Bonduelle demonstrates its commitment to upholding the principles of sustainable development and promoting them among its stakeholders. It sets forth a number of fundamental rules which Bonduelle requires its suppliers, sub-contractors, intermediaries and service providers to comply with. As a consequence of this compliance, suppliers also undertake to impose equivalent requirements on their own suppliers, sub-contractors and service providers, and to ensure that these requirements are observed.

See the Bonduelle Supplier Code of Conduct



  • A gift policy

The Bonduelle gift policy is designed to inform stakeholders of the sensitive nature of gifts, invitations and hospitality received or offered in the course of business activities, as well as to specify the rules applicable to the Bonduelle Group in this area. It applies to all corporate officers, managers and members of staff, as well as any person acting on behalf of one of the Group’s companies.


  • An internal purchasing policy in line with the principles of sustainable development


  • The Code of Market Conduct

The objective of the Group’s financial communication policy, as described in its Code of Market Conduct, is to ensure the simultaneous dissemination of relevant, accurate, specific and true information, released in a timely manner and consistent with previous publications. These communications aim to guarantee information transparency and ethics, as well as fair and equal treatment of shareholders.

Bonduelle’s whistle-blowing system is a secure web platform, outsourced to the EQS Group, that allows users to submit a report in complete confidentiality.


In addition to the usual channels for internal reporting (managerial and hierarchical channels), this platform is a channel open to all our stakeholders, whether employees or otherwise.


This platform guarantees protection for whistle-blowers (in particular confidentiality) and ensures that their reports are processed.


This whistle-blowing system is made available to all of the Group’s stakeholders (employees, partners, investors and citizens), allowing them to report any breaches of the Code of Conduct for Ethical Business Practice, as well as any crimes or offenses, violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms, threats to human health and safety, or damage to the environment related to Bonduelle’s activities.

If you wish to submit a complaint about a Bonduelle product or contact customer service, we are at your disposal here.


In particular, you can use the whistle-blowing system for issues related to the Bonduelle Group’s activities:

  • If you have encountered a potential case of corruption or influence-peddling;
  • If you believe in good faith that a violation of Bonduelle’s Code of Conduct for Ethical Business Practice has been, is being or may be committed;
  • If you believe in good faith that you have encountered an actual or potential crime or offense, or a serious or flagrant violation of a law, regulation or international commitment;
  • If you have encountered a threat or serious injury to the public good;
  • If you believe in good faith that you have encountered a violation of fundamental human rights and freedoms, a threat to human health and safety, or damage to the environment, whether potential or otherwise;
  • If you feel that you are facing a problem concerning the safety, integrity, quality and legality of a product manufactured or distributed;
  • If you find out that someone is being retaliated against for raising an issue in good faith.


You can use the whistle-blowing system set up by Bonduelle to report the above-mentioned situations, so long as:

  • You are doing so in good faith,
  • You are doing so impartially, and
  • You have personal knowledge of the facts you are reporting.


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*In accordance with the provisions of article 17 of French law no. 2016-1691 of December 9, 2016 on transparency, the fight against corruption and the modernization of economic life (known as the Sapin II Act) and article L. 225-102-4 of the French Commercial Code (the Vigilance Act), the Bonduelle Group, as a group subject to French law, has implemented an anti-corruption program and a vigilance plan for its entire organization (including all its French and foreign subsidiaries).