Regenerative agriculture

On the road to the green revolution

Interlinking quality, productivity and resilience to climate change: this is our collective challenge for the coming decades. At Bonduelle, the development of a more sustainable agriculture starts with supporting our partner farmers. This is why we ensure a fair relationship with them to encourage the development of environmentally friendly practices.

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Regenerative agriculture at Bonduelle

partner farmers worldwide


of partner farmers renewed their contract with Bonduelle last year

Three quarters of the earth's surface has been altered by human activity and 24 billion tons of fertile soil are lost every year.

Because the earth is our most precious asset, we are resolutely determined to act to preserve the planet alongside our farming partners. This is why we’re committed to agricultural and industrial ecology, throughout the plant value chain.


For a fair partnership

We maintain long-lasting, quality relationships with our 2,030 partner farmers. This loyalty is a source of pride for us, and above all it’s the sign of a balanced relationship.


Bringing the agricultural community into our capital

In 2021, our group carried out a capital increase reserved for its farming partners in France. Through this transaction, we want to share Bonduelle’s value creation and strengthen the close and lasting ties that bind us to farmers. This is another step forward in our ambition to become a positive-impact company.

Becoming farmer shareholders

C'est quoi cette opération d'ouverture du capital aux agriculteurs chez Bonduelle ?
What is this initiative to open up the capital to farmers at Bonduelle?

Our actions to foster regenerative agriculture

To grow, harvest and prepare our vegetables, our plain managers and our experts – engineers and agronomic technicians – use sustainable methods, alongside partner farmers. Only by respecting and valuing ecosystems can we succeed together in producing diverse and high-quality food – and in preserving resources.

  1. Improve the organic matter rate of the soil (fertility)
  2. Limit tillage
  3. Keep the soil covered
  4. Maximize the biodiversity of ecosystems
  5. Use resources and inputs sparingly
  6. Train for the agro-ecological transition
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hundreds of agronomic experts on the frontline

At Bonduelle, the plain manager is responsible for monitoring crops, from sowing to harvesting vegetables. He or she accompanies the partner farmers throughout the vegetative cycle and decides on the date to harvest at the vegetable's optimal maturity. Thanks to their advisory role, these individuals are a key link in the group's strategy in favor of agroecology, soil protection, reducing chemical inputs and the carbon footprint of production.

Surveillance d'un champ à l'aide d'un drône
Our cultivated areas

of land is farmed with alternatives to synthetic pesticides


of land is farmed with carefully considered nitrogen fertilization


of land is irrigated with water management controlled by tools

Our commitments to the ecological transition

How? By maintaining soil cover; by preserving the chemical and biological fertility of the soil; by developing the diversity of cultivated plants, etc.

How? By investing in precision irrigation equipment; by supporting farmers in sequestering carbon in the soil, etc.

How? By selecting the best varieties from our seed partners; by conducting innovative experiments with new varieties, etc.

How? By deploying action plans for monitoring and preserving certain species (bees etc.); by creating or maintaining semi-natural habitats, etc.

How? By focusing on careful use of pesticides thanks to decision support tools; by increasing the share of organically grown vegetables, etc.

How? By adapting techniques to industrial processes; by investing in innovations and research projects for crop forecasting and management, etc.

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The B! Pact - Goal #1

100% of land farmed with alternative farming techniques by 2025. Learn about Bonduelle's B!Pact commitments to foster regenerative agriculture.

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