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Our four brands committed to the plant revolution

Four favorite brands for going plant-based

Bonduelle green beans, the Cassegrain rabbit’s ratatouille, GLOBUS white beans and Ready Pac Bistro Packaged fresh salad: you’ll undoubtedly have come across one of our four favorite brands during a family lunch, a trip or on a store shelf. They’re accompanying the plant-based revolution in over 100 countries worldwide.

Boites de conserve Bonduelle vapeur
Bonduelle, the historical icon

Bonduelle is the oldest member of the family. For over 70 years, the family-owned brand has been a plant-based food pioneer committed to more responsible farming. Its fundamentals are respect for the earth and a passion for high-quality vegetables in all forms: fresh, canned, prepared and frozen.

Salade de légumes et quinoa
Cassegrain, the iconic brand

Cassegrain needs no introduction. Founded in 1856 and joining the Bonduelle Group in 1989, Cassegrain and its white rabbit have become part of French people's collective imagination. Its specialty is carefully selected vegetables for signature recipes that represent plant excellence.

GLOBUS, flavours that bring generations together

GLOBUS is a brand of Hungarian origin that joined the Bonduelle Group in 2012. An integral part of the Russian imagination, the GLOBUS brand and its famous white beans are loved by every generation at big occasions.

bistro ready pac foods
Ready Pac Foods, the practical and innovative US brand

Founded in 1969 with the aim of offering the freshest vegetables, the US brand Ready Pac Food is the last brand to join the Bonduelle Group, in 2017. Its specialty is devising increasingly innovative and responsible containers to give US consumers delicious meals directly from field to plate. From salad bowls to fresh snacks and freshly harvested fruit and vegetable kits, Ready Pac Food offers consumers an increasingly healthy and convenient range and refines the right taste to win them over.

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