Life at Bonduelle

Everything that makes me love working at Bonduelle!

"I love my company" 
"If each of us develops and invents methods and ways of working conducive to collaboration and accountability, we will be able to achieve our strategic goals and deliver on our mission."
Marine Hénin, Head of Human Resources, Bonduelle Group

INSPIRE: our company-wide project

With INSPIRE, we put a compass in every employee’s hands so that everyone can have a reference point and find their way. INSPIRE allows us to move together in the same direction to achieve our mission: to inspire the transition toward a plant-based diet to contribute to people’s well-being and planet health.

With INSPIRE, we are all proactive participants in the transformation. Because the key to our success lies in the commitment of each of us, our strategy… is YOU. Learn about the attitudes (B.COME) and collective principles (DEAL) at the heart of our day-to-day work!

Our collective model and principles

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B.COME, our leadership model
DEAL, our collective principles

B.COME is the four individual attitudes that we encourage on a daily basis, to invite each of us to strengthen their leadership and to develop their positive impact on themselves, others and the planet: "Collaborative," "Open to Grow," "Mission-Driven" and "Empowered".

DEAL is the internal principles that we implement to create the conditions for each and every person to develop their B.COME skills. DEAL was jointly developed with employees representing the Group's diversity: Decisions Closest to the Issue, Everyone Has a Say, Across Bonduelle and Learn and Challenge.