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Bonduelle is an agro-industrial group operating in nearly 100 countries, with 11,038 employees spread across three continents. Every day, we work with our 2,030 partner farmers around the world to offer high-quality plant-based food.
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Nature is our future

At Bonduelle, we are convinced that to feed 9 billion people tomorrow while preserving ecosystems, plant-based food is THE solution. Our strategy is a sustainable growth model with a positive impact.


As a company with family shareholders for seven generations, Bonduelle draws on diverse governance bodies, guaranteeing independence and a balance of power.

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A multi-local player

Present in nearly 100 countries on three continents, the Bonduelle brand offers plant-based food as close as possible to fields and plates.

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Our story

Being anchored to the land is the Bonduelle group’s trademark. More than 170 years have passed from the first steps taken by the land entrepreneur Louis Bonduelle in 1853 in northern France, to the international, positive-impact group committed to the plant-based revolution.

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