In France, a partnership with Institut Lyfe to revolutionize plant-based food


By fostering a dietary transition towards a greater inclusion of plant-based elements on our plates, we are also actively engaging in the promotion of plant-based cuisine among renowned chefs!

We have forged a close partnership with the Lyfe Institute (formerly known as the Paul Bocuse Institute), a recognized educational and research institution that radiates the values of the French Art of Living throughout the world. Our commitment to this collaboration echoes our corporate social responsibility (CSR) approach, with regenerative agriculture and plant-based nutrition taking a central role.

This strategic partnership has opened doors to fruitful exchanges with young culinary talents, emerging chefs, and has given birth to innovative programs. As active members of the institute’s research committee, we participate actively in ongoing exchanges. A tangible example materializes here: an animated brainstorming session involving over 12 Bonduelle collaborators, all fueled by creative and effervescent ideas, aiming to revolutionize plant-based cuisine and seamlessly integrate concepts of flexitarian and sustainable diets.🍽️🌱

As an integral part of the Bonduelle family, we are driven by an environmental responsibility vision that is manifested in our commitment to biodiversity preservation, reduction of our carbon footprint, and the judicious use of recycled plastic in our eco-friendly packaging.