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Growing peas

Stages of the pea production cycle

Bonduelle's pea production is prepared well in advance. The summer harvest is the culmination of a long process, from the Group's sales forecasts to scheduling planting, and includes selecting and ordering seeds.

Major stages before harvesting:
example of the 2013 campaign

During this period, most of the seeds
are chosen and ordered from seed manufacturers
ahead of the 2013 campaign.

The Bonduelle group determines its sales forecasts
– expressed in tonnes of finished products – for 2013.
On this basis, the agronomy department converts these tonnage figures
into hectares of land, spread over the pea producing regions.

During this period, the surface commitments are signed with the producers.
From March, according to a planting schedule, the seeds (purchased by Bonduelle) are delivered to the producers. At this stage, the land manager assigns the pea varieties according to the specific characteristics of each plot.

The March planting involves the early varieties, and the late varieties are planted in mid-May. The planting dates are actually staggered by using a precise schedule: staggered planting, combined with a variety assortment (early to late) provides a harvesting plan that is in line with the absorptive capacity of the processing plants; this is known as the supply plan.

This is the harvest time. It begins toward the 20th of June and ends around the 10th of August. Naturally, the weather conditions in spring and summer determine the earliness and duration of the harvesting campaign, but it is spread over 6 and 7 weeks on average.

The peas harvested in the summer of 2013
will be sold between July 2013
and July 2014.

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