CSR report 2022-2023

Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2022-2023

The B! Pact, our positive impact platform

At Bonduelle, we are convinced that plant-based food is a sustainable solution to healthy food for the growing population while preserving the planet and our ecosystems. We made this our mission and in 2021-2022 we revisited our roadmap for positive impact, the B!Pact. In 2022-2023, no change in these ambitions, but actions, and a lot of energy deployed to advance this ambitious agenda!

To be in line with our mission and participate in the transition to a more plant-based diet, our product offering is an essential driver. We worked on a better defi nition of our main dish offerings, on their composition and, of course, on taste, which is essential in this transition of the food on our plates! This change in eating habits also involves a lot of education, both internally and externally, to create more opportunities to eat more plantbased food.

On the “Planet” pillar, we launched our roadmap to carbon neutrality by involving our value chain. From growers to distributors, we help disseminate more responsible practices: more than 46% of farming partners have already committed to the regenerative agriculture approach with us!

Having a positive impact only makes sense if this impact also benefits our internal and external stakeholders. This year, we made progress with the HR teams at our sites to implement practices that ensure real equity in access to employment, with the ambition that all our sites offer inclusive recruitment solutions by 2030.

Building on these successes, we are heading into 2023-2024 with determination. We will continue our actions by getting closer to our stakeholders’ expectations. To this end, this year we conducted a large-scale quantitative and regional materiality analysis with more than 570 stakeholders. It confi rms the relevance of our B!Pact commitments and identifi es the areas where we must accelerate, such as water management. It also reveals different sensitivities to subjects according to the region. It is a valuable tool for dialog with all our partners and for refi ning our ambitions locally.

Lastly, we are very proud of the BCorp certifi cation of two of our subsidiaries: Bonduelle Italia and Bonduelle Fresh Americas, i.e. more than one-third of our revenue. This is a great recognition that encourages us to continue our progress

CSR report 2022-2023