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Prepared salads


Potatoes, crudités and other various vegetables... For the Prepared salad product range, numerous required references are carried out in compliance with highly specific transport and preservation constraints.

Reception, acceptance

The specialised analyses and rigorous checks aim to ensure the conformity of the vegetables with Bonduelle's requirements: size, maturity, colour, etc.

Ordering, scheduling

The distribution customer's order triggers the supply and launches the production.


This step includes rinsing, cutting, grating and draining the vegetables.


Each recipe has its own specific ingredients! Bonduelle creates its recipes before receiving any production orders; this step is known as assembly.

Monitoring the recipes, mixing

It's all about getting the right balance. The ingredients must be correctly dosed: from the preparation to the final sauce, the right dose is what makes the taste perfect.

Weighing, bagging

Great care is taken when dosing and weighing the preparations in each packet.

Sealing, labelling

The can must be assembled, the lid pressure-sealed, then labelled to indicate all relevant information.

Storing, shipping

All products are stored and transported throughout the entire logistics chain at +4°C.

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