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Fresh cut vegetables


In this specific process, harvesting is a delicate operation. Vegetables are fragile, especially salads. It is important to be gentle and precise.

Reception, acceptance

The analyses and checks guarantee the conformity of the vegetables: size, maturity, colour, health.


Extreme caution is required in cutting, sorting and checking the vegetables before sending them to the packaging line.


This step of the circuit consists in delicately yet efficiently washing the vegetables. Soil and insects must be removed without damaging the leaves.


Draining/drying comes after a full wash to remove excess water while respecting the product. The salads are air-dried.

Weighing, bagging

Meticulous and precise care is taken when dosing and weighing the preparations in each packet (bags, punnets).


When boxing, every move is carried out with extreme precaution to avoid impacts or crushing.

Storing, shipping

All products are stored and transported throughout the entire logistics chain at -4°C.

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