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Aponh :
a project that
and unites us

Aponh was launched five years ago in Cameroon... By embarking on this adventure, the Bonduelle team, in partnership with the IECD (an NGO that has been working in Cameroon since 1992), made a commitment to contribute to the sustainable well-being of the local population by supporting the businesses of entrepreneurs working in the vegetable industry, for example.

Did you know?

The project’s name, Aponh, means "OK - All going well" in Bamileke, a dialect of western Cameroon.
The children from the Moineaux school helped us come up with this name.

Aponh: a reflection
of what we are

“We put humanity at the heart of our actions, we make little steps, taking everyone’s different abilities into account, and we foster an approach based on sharing to guarantee sustainable learning and development.”

Bruno Rauwel, Group HRD

Aponh aims to share expertise, know-how and a network to respond to the local social and economic challenges...
and it is also a very enriching human adventure !


“The vegetable gardens of Bafou”

The Aponh team supports more than 50 growers in their business by sharing their know-how in production and sales techniques to help them stand out on the market and find outlets.

The goal is to help them increase their revenue and foster better standards of living for growers and their families.

Working differently

"We've changed many things about the way we work. For example, we sow seeds further apart so that every plant has more room, we pay greater attention to phytosanitary product quality in treating crops, and, finally, we turn the soil over several times to produce better yields. These results are a great help to our family. We have four children between the ages of 1 and 8. The profits we make enable us to buy oil rations and clothes, and pay for our children's school fees and books at the beginning of the year."

Carlos et Edwige Tettan
Beneficiaries of the Aponh project in Cameroon


Julie & Victor’s
Dina Porridges

The team supports Julie & Victor, two entrepreneurs who produce milled cereals in the form of porridge. We work together to secure the sourcing, production and quality of their products to expand their offer and to promote the sustainable development of their business.


The Moineaux school

The Ecole des Moineaux school was set up by a couple of teachers who wanted to educate disadvantaged children. The Aponh team worked with Marthe, the founder of the school, to give the children a better learning environment, for example by setting up electricity, tiling classrooms and purchasing school supplies. Moreover 250 school children now receive three portions of Dina Porridge a week.


Everyone can contribute in their own way

Aponh enables all employees to contribute in their own way, for example by sharing their skills: from a distance or on the field (providing help with management, farming, sales and marketing) or by organising fund-raising events at work to help finance the projects of beneficiaries.

Rémy, the Agriculture R&D manager of FRESH, and Freddy, the Pea and Bean product manager at France BELL, did two weeks of volunteer work in Cameroon to help farmers.

« "We can safely say that we had an amazing experience, full of charm, beauty, curiosities, humanity, encounters and emotions. The support that we give does not have to be a one-way intervention, it is a relationship that both we and the producers can commit to. We hope that our approach will contribute to helping the community.”  »

In any case, we have definitely received more than we have given.

« We are grateful to everyone for the amazing moments where culture and agriculture, work and pleasure combined to reflect simplicity and humility. We support and will continue to support this approach for as long as we can and we will, of course, be volunteering for the next Agro APONH mission ! »


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