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We care about
people first

We not only care about feeding future
generations, but we are also dedicated
to putting our people and communities
at the heart of what we do.


Objectives 2025

0 Work accident

100% of Bonduelle sites involved into local social projects

The results so far in a few figures


Work accident
frequency rate
(vs 23,04 eleven years ago)

1300 employees

made aware of CSR practices

5 019 T

Donated to NGOs in the Canada and Europe


of the sites have a project involving their local communities

Our commitments for People in action

Promoting the Local Job Market

Our canning and freezing facilities are located near the fields. This is a simple concept, but it helps develop local economies, especially the job market.

Local Social Projects

From cooking classes for underprivileged children in Canada to fundraising for children with Handicaps (disabilities) in Russia to creating a mini urban forest with school children in Montreal, more Bonduelle sites are getting involved in their local communities through social projects.

More Training

We have the “Jeunes Pousses [Young Sprouts]” program, the “Pépinière de talents [the Talent Incubator]” program, Finance for Growth, and ManageGo! We offer greater training programs so that our employees can always cultivate their knowledge and expertise.


More than 90% of contracts are renewed by our farming partners every year. This loyalty is a clear sign of a balanced (collaborative) relationship(s). Far from strong-arming our farmers, we cultivate high-quality relationships with them. This starts with their independence: Bonduelle accounts for 15% of their sales on average. Prices are fair, negotiated several months in advance, and limit the impact of global price fluctuations. These farming contracts are a way for farmers to ensure they sell their yields at agreed-upon prices. Even if a farmer can’t harvest his crop due to weather conditions, he is still paid. We guarantee their income by correcting for the inevitable variations in yields and weather-related issues.

The Aponh project

This is a project with the goal of promoting development in Cameroon. We assist producers and entrepreneurs to help them sustainable grow their businesses.

More efficient INITIATIVES

Meals for Disaster Victims

Supplies for schoolchildren

We’ve found the keys to well-being


Our other commitments to



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