Support for farmers


An agreement commensurate with the unprecedented inflation that is hitting the sector and which makes it possible to cover the increase in crop costs, and to continue the agro-ecological transition initiated.

The Bonduelle Group is continuing its approach to support farmers for the third consecutive year and has just signed a new price increase agreement with green vegetable producers in Hauts-de-France.

This new agreement is fully in line with the Bonduelle Group’s strategy, which intends to strengthen its ambition as a company with a positive impact.

It makes it possible to reaffirm the company’s desire to support its agricultural partners, by increasing the prices paid per hectare and by accelerating the agro-ecological transition, which requires very strong human and financial investment from them.

In this context, Bonduelle has signed a new agreement to increase the price of vegetables for 2022 with its producer partners in Hauts-de-France (OPLVERT and OPLINORD). This makes it possible, among other things, to cover the significant increase in production costs.

The Bonduelle Group has also signed, with its partner Euralis Coop in the South-West, an agreement to increase the price of green vegetables.

In addition to this upgrading, Bonduelle will continue to contribute to an agro-ecological transition fund which will provide farmers with the means to deploy alternative farming practices.

Producers need everyone’s support more than ever to continue growing local, healthy and quality vegetables demanded by consumers.


“The inflationary crisis situation that we are experiencing does not spare our historic Hauts-de-France basin. It is in this tense economic context that the mutual relationship woven over decades with partner producers is even stronger. This partnership allows us to continue our actions to sustain the sector and secure the income of producers in order to continue to offer as many people as possible access to healthy and quality local food.”

Cyrille Auguste  Directeur Général Bonduelle Europe Long Life