In a country where over a quarter of French consumers have embraced flexitarianism and seek nutritious, affordable, and environmentally-friendly solutions, the question arises: How can we enhance our plates while adopting a plant-based approach?

On the sidelines of the International Agriculture Fair, Bonduelle orchestrated an exceptional gathering, bringing together talented chefs, agricultural partners, stakeholders in distribution and collective catering, committed associations, and consumer representatives. This event provided a passionate platform to discuss these key issues.

At the heart of this conversation, legumes stand out as a top-tier solution for incorporating plant-based practices into our eating habits, while proactively addressing multiple contemporary challenges: soil regeneration, decarbonization of the food chain, nutritional balance, and making healthy food accessible to all.

Our collective responsibility is to unlock the full potential of plant-based nutrition, starting with vegetables and grains, and extending to legumes. The emergence of innovative, delightful, and affordable solutions is crucial. At Bonduelle, in partnership with our farmers, we have established a supply chain for legumes grown and prepared in France.

Our deep conviction can be summarized as follows: the commitment and innovation of each participant, from cultivation to table, will shape a new vision of plant-based eating, elevating the concept of food to that of a complete, flavorful, and enriching dish. 🌿👨🌾🌟