Bonduelle statement on Ukraine and Russia

Since February 24, Ukraine has been suffering a tragic war that saddens us deeply. We are continuing our solidarity efforts to support the families of our Ukrainian employees in Poland, the Czech Republic and Romania, and to provide the food donations that have been in place since the beginning of the war, in conjunction with NGOs.

Concerning our activities in Russia, we have suspended all investment projects in Russia since March 17 and have decided to dedicate all of our profits from sales in Russia to the future reconstruction of Ukraine, not only of its infrastructure but also of its agricultural and food ecosystems.

We have also made the choice, guided by our mission and by our responsibility as an agro-industry, to ensure the continuity of our activities in Russia.

We have been established in this country for more than 25 years, employ more than 1,000 people and produce in our 3 local factories basic foodstuffs (including canned peas, corn and beans) for Russian consumers but also for 90 million consumers in neighboring countries (Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Central Asia).

Our business as an agro-industry is not limited to the walls of our factories; it starts in the fields and our activity is extremely seasonal. This is why stopping agricultural production or closing canning factories would have serious consequences in both the short and long term: something we cannot consider in the context of the food uncertainty that many countries are experiencing today.

Today more than ever, our food mission is our compass. It mobilizes us all, in a complex context that requires a permanent re-evaluation of the conditions of our operations.