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let’s create

a better future through
plant-based food

Nature is our most precious asset, it is time for a plant-based food movement !

In tomorrow’s world, there will be 9 billion men and women to feed. Plant-based food is now a major challenge for the well-being of future generations, both in terms of the quantities produced and the ways they are produced.

At Bonduelle, we are convinced that “nature is our future.” So we made a pact. We call it The B! Pact: a commitment to planet, food, and people.

We are involved in a series of concrete and effective actions to increase the part of plant-based food in everyone’s daily diet. We are actively working towards acquiring B Corp certification, a reflection of our commitment to contribute to sustainable development across the globe.

But to make this a success,
we need everyone’s good will and action.

A sustainable native group


First Agronomic charter


First CSR Policy with 4 pillars: Agronomy, people, quality & nutrition, natural resources


Louis Bonduelle Foundation


Global Reporting Initiative : International transparency label for our CSR Policy
Ethical Charter publishing


New CSR objectives


Launch of CSR Commitments for 2025


Founder member of B Movement Builders


Be part of THE B. PACT

The B! Pact is a global and transversal commitment that involves all of us : brands , farmers, employees, consumers, and people of all ages. Everyone has a role to play in this plan grand scheme to make plant-based food a sustainable way of living.

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