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Trades innovation

Rachel, Doctor in Plant Physiology , Corporate Research

I have been working in Bonduelle's R&D division since 2002. I am specialised in plant physiology, and was first appointed to the Genas site for 7 years to work on improving the preservation of cut & washed salads. I then joined the Renescure team in 2009, where I have been working on all different types of technologies. Plant physiology consists in studying plant behaviour according to various themes. Within the framework of my job, it mostly consists in improving the knowledge we have of our raw materials or in better understanding a phenomenon: a preservation issue for instance. I enjoy the fact that there is no daily routine, as projects are always very different. They can be very concrete for instance when it comes to researching and developing an analytical method in response to an issue or to adopt a more up-stream point of view to improve our knowledge of a vegetable and thus better understand its behaviour during its processing or preservation phases. The diversity of our projects thus leads to diverse contact people and partners. Indeed, I am in contact with the Quality, Agronomy and Development departments, as well as with the University research laboratories, which is also a very pleasant aspect of this job.

Sonia, Research & Development Technician

I arrived at Bonduelle in 1998 as a quality controller for the frozen products sector on the Renescure site in France, then joined R&D in 2002 working as a research technician. My job involves conducting the laboratory tests organised by the process and innovation engineers I also help to define test protocols and am responsible for writing up the results.

Organisational skills, versatility and knowledge of all the technologies used in the Bonduelle Group are essential for success in my work.

In addition to the autonomy and trust shown in me by the project managers as I perform my tasks, which motivates me, I am continually learning new skills as I work on the different projects of the group.

David Morizet

Research Council

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