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A history of innovation

For our company, innovating comes naturally: throughout our history, it has even been the key to Bonduelle's success. Both in terms of products and packaging, innovation is in our genes.

7 products that marked our history


Launch of the frozen product range

For the very first time, consumers discovered our frozen vegetable range.


Portioned vegetables

Deep-freezing vegetable portions made it possible to individualise consumption and was thus one of the brand's major innovations.


Canned extra-fine green beans

Launch of the extra-fine canned green bean range. This innovation has be the delight of our customers for the last 20 years !


Spinach millefeuille

Thanks to its deep-freezing technique, Bonduelle launched a new concept on the market: the millefeuille. Preserved Leaf Spinach was the very first product in this range.


Canned Steamed food

Creation of the "Bonduelle Vapeur" range, using a new process allowing fresh vegetables to be steamed and canned with very little liquid.


The "Précuits Vapeur" pre-steamed frozen food

2 years after the "Bonduelle Vapeur" steamed range, the "Précuits Vapeur" pre-steamed range appeared on the shelves: vegetables are steam-cooked at high pressure and at a temperature higher than 100°C. This way, the fresh vegetables' taste, qualities, texture and colour are preserved.

Bonduelle packaging with a little extra touch



Creation of tins that do not require a tin-opener. An idea like any other !


More practical

For the first time ever, portioned frozen vegetables were packaged in zip-lock sachets



Long live the food service sector: Bonduelle launches its freshness sachet.


Better adapted

The Bi Pack was launched, with 2 salad portions. Single people and couples loved the idea!



Say goodbye to old "easy openings", and hello to the "Easy-peal" system.



What a revolution in the fresh section: salad sachets are equipped with an easy open-and-close system. 


More respectful 

The Italian market discovers the eco-friendly pack: less plastic, and CO2 emissions reduced by 40%. 

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