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The art of producing vegetables

In 1989, Bonduelle bought back Cassegrain. A cultural revolution at the time ! The ambition of the brand with the little white rabbit: tradition and the art of selecting vegetables, passed down from one generation to the next.

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Provençal zucchini, larded French green beans, leeks, chopped sun-dried tomatoes, ginger and cumin, onions and cinnamon, chunky apple sauce and, of course, peas, extra-fine green beans, etc. The Cassegrain menu has about twenty-five different products. In stores, the Cassegrain brand can easily be found thanks to its famous packaging: a rectangular can with illustrations of original recipes, as well as the little white rabbit with dark shades and a green bow tie.


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Cassegrain n°1

green beans segment and hand sorted

South vegetables segment

in individual package

High-end cans

The famous Jockey Club rectangular can has become as symbolic in France as the 2CV car, the minitel, the French baguette or the Bic ball-point pen. Launched in 1975, it still exists today and is used by a number of "Jockey Club" labeled products for the brand's high-end ranges.

For consumers, Cassegrain means taste, home-made products and modernized traditionFrance Pecqueur, Cassegrain brand manager

L'aventure Cassegrain

The Cassegrain adventure started in 1856, when Charles Cassegrain bought his first company in Nantes, right in the heart of a beautiful truck farming region. In 1867, in the midst of 52,000 exhibitors at the Paris World Fair, he presented his tasty jarred vegetables. The mascot, the little white rabbit, was created in 1970: Cassegrain was finally founded! Bonduelle acquired the brand 29 years later


"Cassegrain, the good can"

At a time when the consumer society was rapidly growing, Cassegrain showed the general public the advantages of canned food, a cutting-edge technology in line with the normal housewife's requirements.

Several years later, Cassegrain decided to focus communication more directly on the freshness of its canned peas - the actual can was put to the side - by making consumers aware of how fresh the pea pods were. A famous posted designed by Léo Kouper - to whom we owe the poster of Chaplin's Dictator movie - immortalized this ad, now engraved in all the consumers' minds!


A livelier logo

Cassegrain switched over from its old logo to a more modern and livelier one, in keeping with the times: indeed, the rounder and thicker font of the previous logo no longer corresponded to the brand's media ambitions. In magazines and on TV, it is important to make a good first impression.


Cassegrain signed its first ads in women's magazines. How did the oval shape of the logo launched in 1961 come to be? It represents a silver serving platter !


Delicious freshness on TV

Cassegrain was the first in its field to appear on TV, with the voice-over saying: "we are truly devoted to freshness and will do anything within our power to keep it so until the food is on your plate". Cassegrain's credo was etched into the consumers' minds: delicious freshness!

1970 - 75

In 1970, the little white rabbit, hopping around the vegetable patch, made viewers even more attached to the brand. A clever idea: there was nothing better than a rabbit to prove their expertise in vegetables! At the same time, the logo finally started showing the company's values and the color green was selected as a theme.

In 1975, the famous rectangular Jockey Club can started to position itself: it already looked like the one we know and love today.


Dark shades and bow tie

Elegance, sequins and rhinestones: at the time, in advertising, the fashion tended towards turning products into stars. The Cassegrain rabbit added a pair of dark shades to his outfit and became a real diva to show off his salads in 1987 and the brand's very first frozen foods in 1988.

In 1989, Cassegrain was bought by Bonduelle. The rabbit chose to put on a classy bow tie. A sign of elegance and excellence!


Tradition trumps all the rest

In 1999, Cassegrain started promoting its prepared vegetable ranges: with its chef's hat on, the rabbit asked all food-lovers to join him in his fight for taste and authenticity. The slogan "Be Cassegrain" encouraged people to revive the tastiest culinary traditions.


Natural flavors and innovation are no. 1 on the list

In 2004, Cassegrain opted for new packaging, pursuing its fight for high-quality products. The message was clear: "Cassegrain enhances nature's flavors". In the media, the brand with the white rabbit was advertized in magazines and on posters, and sponsored 5 TV shows.


In 2007, Cassegrain launched its chopped vegetable range, made up of the best chopped and prepared vegetables. A year later, the brand started marketing sweet and savory products: prunes cooked with almonds, apple sauce with onions, chestnuts with chanterelle mushrooms.


In 2010, Cassegrain pursued its innovative policy with the launch of new original combinations. The brand also innovated with its pulse ranges after launching prepared lentils and beans.

In 2012, Cassegrain started working with mushrooms, launching 4 ranges with 4 Button Mushroom products.

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