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Bonduelle is the name of a company, a brand and a founding family originally from the North of France. Both in Europe and throughout the world, the eponymous brand - as well as its other brands like Cassegrain, Globus and Arctic Gardens - has been identified as a producer of high-quality vegetables, available in all their forms and produced using a number of different technologies.

Pleasure and health on a daily basis

Bonduelle's main conviction is that vegetables are essential for ensuring a healthier lifestyle: enabling consumers to include vegetables in their meals on a daily basis is our way of steadily increasing their health, their pleasure and their respect for the environment.

Inspiring you to eat vegetables

every day means

a very wide range
of prepared vegetables

vegetables in such
a way that their nutritional benefits
are preserved

our culinary

our passion
for vegetables

The future

Vegetables, nothing but vegetables, vegetables all around. Since 1998, the Bonduelle brand has been offering over 80 vegetables, divided into 4 domains: canned, frozen, Fresh and prepared products. As we strongly feel that the future of food should be focused on vegetables, we take all necessary measures to encourage the consumption of vegetables by offering the widest possible range of products, using truly diversified technologies.

Technologies to suit everyone

Forerunning brand

Bonduelle places innovation at the heart of all its processes. Being a forerunning brand is more than a simple commitment, it is the company's strength, the key to our success. Researching, studying and understanding new consumption methods before anyone else, anticipating major lifestyle changes, investing with a view to providing relevant solutions: we dedicate 1% of our total revenue to make sure we satisfy each and every person's nutritional needs, all over the planet.

Always a step ahead in terms of technology

Throughout our history, we have made our own mark in the food industry by making the best of technological innovations.


Birth of Vacuum-packed products. In Canada, vacuum-sealed beetroot packed with little juice proved to be a hit in the out-of-home catering sector. With a colour and flavour closer to fresh beetroot, it was the perfect product to make a quick and easy salad.



The “Salade du Jour” concept was launched in France, offering a selection of baby-leaf salad greens that vary daily depending on availability. In Italy, salad bags featured a photo of local producers on the packaging. “A variety of farms and producers in northern and southern Italy were selected. A photo of the producers, their names and the product origin were featured on product packaging for the ‘Contadino’ range, guaranteeing transparency, authenticity, and local produce to consumers.”


Creation of 3 new prepared and ready-to-eat salads composed of vegetables, pasta and rice.


the raw canned vegetable range bring products a fresh and crunchy texture. In addition, a brand new tasty canned mixture of sweet corn and pickles will be the perfect side dish to both hot and cold meals such as wraps and mixed salads.


Launch of the "Pre-steamed" range, using a technology that pre-cooks the vegetables at high pressure and at 212°F, thus guaranteeing the fresh vegetables' great taste and high quality.


Creation of the "Bonduelle Vapeur" range, where fresh steamed vegetables were canned with very little liquid.


The "napoleon" concept was born thanks to a cutting-edge freezing technique.


Launch of an exclusive freezing process. The products' taste and texture exceeded all existing standards.


Green packaged salads and prepared salads are launched onto the market.


Launch of the extra-fine canned green bean range


Launch of the portioned frozen range. A major innovation that makes it easier to cook individual portions.


Launch of the frozen vegetable range


Our brand is the first to offer a mix of peas and carrots.


The very first Bonduelle canned pea range was launched in France. Next came the green beans, navy beans and a number of other vegetables.

Packaging mode

In terms of packaging, Bonduelle also strives to anticipate its customers' needs and makes meal preparation easier. Overview of the last 25 years of innovation.


Recycled materials: The brand began using recycled materials in packaging. In Russia, the use of recycled plastic wrap reached 30% of annual volumes. In France, take-out container lids began to be made with 100% recycled PET. In Germany, all salad bowls were being made using 80% recycled PET and 100% recycled cardboard packaging.


Eco-friendly Italy

Launch of eco-friendly packaging made with less plastic on the Italian market. CO2 emissions reduced by 40%.


The revolutionary packaged salads

Bonduelle became the centre of attention in the fresh section by adding an exclusive easy open&close system to its packaged salads. More practical and improved freshness, less waste.


Bonduelle starts using Easy-peal

To replace the previous "easy opening" systems, Bonduelle inaugurated the "easy peal" openings in 2007.


Bi Pack makes an entrance

The Bi Pack was launched this year: two portions of salad for single people or couples.


Creation of the freshness sachet

Bonduelle specially designed the freshness sachet for the food service market.


A warm welcome to the zip-lock sachet

To make the consumption of individual portions easier, Bonduelle innovated and launched the zip-lock sachet.


Say goodbye to can-openers

Simply pull the tab and, thanks to their easy-open system, put you can-openers away.

Une histoire de communication

A meaningful logo

Throughout its history, Bonduelle has always made an effort in terms of communication. Since 1926, our logo has followed our customers' development through 8 different styles. In 2008, our visual identity took an important step. By capitalizing on our founding values - excellence, naturalness, protection, zest for life - it illustrates our desire to become consumers' nutritional partner.


Bonduelle and its campaigns

Since its creation, Bonduelle has always endeavored to keep a close proximity with its customers regarding marketing and advertising.


This was the time the very first Bonduelle ads were printed on sports shirts in the Nord- Pas-de-Calais villages, on delivery trucks and school children's notebooks. The message was loud and clear: "the best canned food is made by Bonduelle!"


Frozen foods started to appear and were hugely successful, and the Bonduelle brand was pasted on walls and published in newspapers and magazines. The company's tone and special touch impressed consumers, constantly looking for new and high-quality products. Over the years and throughout the decades, TV ads came and went, supporting the brand's development both in France and abroad.


In 2008, Bonduelle became the centre of attention by appearing on TV with 3 films that contributed to establishing the brand in consumers' daily lives.


In 2013, the Bonduelle brand evolved even further and redefined its mission: "developing a culture of eating vegetables for pleasure and health". Bonduelle aroused its consumers' desire and encouraged them to be more creative and make healthy living part of their daily lives with their friends and family.

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