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Bonduelle in Brief

€2 779 m in revenue

124 000 ha harvested throughout the world

55 processing facilities

2 distribution segments: retail and food service

2 800 farmers

500 vegetable varieties

14 700 employees

3 technologies: canned, fresh, frozen and prepared food

Bonduelle is the world leader in all forms of ready-to-use vegetables. Today, this international, multi-technological and innovative French family business has a mission that is shared by its 14,700 employees: to be the go-to brand across the globe when it comes to ensuring living well through vegetable products. Naturally, being close to the Earth and to humanity, Bonduelle has a long-term vision that prioritises social responsibility and reducing the environmental impact of its activities.


Bonduelle Foundation

Bonduelle’s strategic centres are found in 3 major zones:

  • Western Europe, starting in Germany in the 1960s and then spreading to other EEC countries.
  • Eastern Europe, especially Russia and CEI member states, where Bonduelle is a well-known brand
  • The Americas, beginning with the acquisition of Aliments Carrière in 2007, and since 2012 in the USA with the takeover of Allens’ frozen food business. Lastly Brazil: after setting up a commercial presence in 1994, Bonduelle built a plant in the State of Goias in 2010.






where the Bonduelle brand is established.

For several years now, Bonduelle has achieved sustained and steady growth, divided between internal growth and acquisitions, and has reached a total revenue of close to two billion euros for the last financial year.



of ready-to-use vegetables in the world



For Bonduelle, it is a point of honour to bring its vegetables to market using every available technology to give its customers a full range of consumer choices.

3 business lines

Canned vegetables

Frozen vegetables

Processed fresh vegetables


varieties of vegetables

via our product ranges.

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