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Focus on the values that guide us on a daily basis and make Bonduelle a fully committed company.


Mutual respect, listening skills and close relationships between employees. Ensuring physical safety


Complying with our commitments, acting honestly and accountably 


Learning to delegate, contributing to team spirit whilst allowing others to try new things


Promoting common sense, encouraging a friendly environment and maintaining sincere human relationships.


Making performance and high quality a priority


Being available, tolerant and encouraging creativity


Ensuring objectivity, setting a good example and guaranteeing a profit-sharing system

At Bonduelle, the shareholders keep an eye on things

Our group's 7 values are supported by shareholder objectives, on which the company's entire policy is based. Their values set the tone for all projects carried out by Bonduelle to fulfill its task: being the world leader in healthy living through vegetables.

Shareholders' objectivesCompany policyShared valued

Priority in the long term, Growth, Food safety, Respect for the environmentExcellence, Simplicity


Profitability, International, Agribusiness involvement, Brand, Innovation

Openness, Integrity, Fairness, Trust

Employee development

Personal development

Concern for humankind
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