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The history of the world is punctuated by key transitions. Driven by a shared commitment from people wishing to build a better future, these movements change behaviors, reshape relations with the world, and help us move forward. 

For Bonduelle, now is the time for the vegetable revolution, an essential turning point to meet the huge challenges the planet now faces. Because there will shortly be nine billion women and men to feed, vegetable products are fast becoming a key focus for the "well-living" of future generations in terms of both quantities to be produced and the way they are produced.

We have a date with nature, our most precious asset. It is essential we listen to nature's repeated warnings, and respond. Climate change, soil depletion, endangered biodiversity... Factors that threaten the balance of nature and therefore that of humans on the planet.

As a family company with a long-term vision and responsible for the food of millions of consumers around the world, we want to be a committed player. The major shareholders and employees of the Bonduelle Group are working together to build a better future thanks to vegetable products.

At Bonduelle, we believe that we should lead the way, propose innovative and pertinent solutions, for better nutrition, while respecting the planet and therefore foster a good-living of future generations.

We are working with our partners on all aspects, since 1853, to develop modern vegetable production methods that respect the water, air, soil and sub-soil. We thus actively defend an agro-industry that is efficient, eco-friendly, smart and inclusive and which looks resolutely to healthy, safe, sustainable and affordable food.

We commit ourselves and innovate from field to plate to create, together, a better future through vegetable food products, because are firm belief is that nature is our future.

Christophe Bonduelle

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