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Concrete actions

R&D at Bonduelle currently represents 1% of our revenue. It is based on the professional expertise of over 100 employees, spread out across our 6 development centres: 5 in Europe, 1 In Canada Our R&D activities cover fields of activity ranging from agronomy to manufacturing processes, vegetable growing and consumers.

Virtuous circle

Our innovation sees its ideas through to the end

Canned food, frozen food, cut and washed salads, prepared salads: the 4 technologies offered by Bonduelle each have their own R&D centre. Their task is to develop new concepts, products and recipes.

Non-stop dialogue

There are constant exchanges between the Marketing & Development Business Units of Bonduelle's 4 technologies..

Research results are sent by the R&D centres to the Business Units in order to be adapted into development phases.

The Business Units react in return, suggest ideas, ask their questions and submit new concepts to be developed.

From ideas to the customers' plate

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