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the planet and our social commitments.

our brands and vegetables in all their forms

our organization is customer-oriented

the development of our men and women

Respecting the planet and our social commitments.

We are more than ever looking to find the perfect balance between performance and respect for our planet: we are committed to a proactive policy that covers 6 priority areas: mankind, nutrition and quality, natural resources, transport and stakeholders.

Developing our brands and vegetables in all their forms

Our international or local brands have specific strategies for each market. We also manufacture products for our customer brands, in line with their specifications. Lastly, we offer products made using different technologies and sold to various distribution circuits.

Ensuring our organization is customer-oriented

Our national and customer brand products are adapted to the expectations and special features of every country in which we are established. Our desire is to permanently innovate, and structuring our organization according to customer requirements is the best way to ensure long-lasting and stable development within the company.

Encouraging the development of our men and women

Bonduelle places men and women at the core of its business plan, in line with its historical values. Working condition optimization, integration of disabled workers, etc. All resources are pooled to ensure equality and diversity, internal mobility, safety (objective: 0 accidents), professional and personal development, training, networking, etc.

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