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For Bonduelle, now is the time for the vegetable revolution, an essential turning point to meet the huge challenges the planet now faces.

Because there will shortly be nine billion women and men to feed, vegetable products are fast becoming a key focus for the well-being of future generations in terms of both quantities to be produced and the way they are produced.

Bonduelle firmly believes that there is a model for our society, one that cares as much for nature as it does for people.


Our mission: We inspire the transition toward a plant-based diet to contribute to people's well-being and planet health.

The vegetable revolution

To feed 9 billion people

To confront today's environmental challenges, we believe that plant-based food is THE solution to feed people and respect nature at the same time. Because right now, plant-based products are unmatched when it comes to preserving our planet's resources: water, the atmosphere, energy...





Plant-based food
to feed the world





A positive impact company

We operate in over 100 countries. Our products reach millions of plates. So it is our responsibility to do things well. How? By shaping a positive economy for the planet, for society, for people... We want to become a company that combines economic performance and postive impact.

Long-term is in our DNA

Because only a long-term vision can take on board criteria as important as impact on the environment and the well-being of people. Our French family-owned business has been looking to the future for seven generations, each of which has preserved its values and family governance, by prioritizing the long-term strategy.

Contribute to agro-ecological transition

There are practices that promote biodiversity, preserve our resources and respect our soils... With our farming partners, our ambition is to take these best practices and distribute them wherever our products are grown. And it has already started in a big way...

Participate in the socio-economic transition

This is now the only way forward: combining positive impact and economic performance. Together with our customers, farming partners, suppliers,... and all those who love our products, we have already made great strides. And we want to go beyond by contributing to a fair distribution of value and a more circular economy.

Accelerate the food transition

Innovations, breakthroughs, developments... they need to be conceived as solutions. To facilitate access to plant-based food, we commit all our know-how to creating inspiring solutions that allow everyone to eat more plant-based food.




Let’s make a better future 
through plant based-food


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The B Corp community

We all need role models when growing up. What is true for people is also true for businesses. We are convinced positive impact businesses must become the basic model... incredibly challenging but quite simply better for the world. So our goal is to achieve B Corp certification by 2025.

Being in line with the principles of a sustainable economy, which works for everyone and harms no-one. We all expect this from small businesses, but Bonduelle is determined to prove that a multinational has the ability to do the same. That is why we are founding member of the B Movement Builders.

This is the type of business in which we believe for the future, however large or small.

Geared up
for B Corp Certification

Bonduelle wants to be one of the first major businesses with B Corp certification. It is a label reserved for the most firmly committed businesses in terms of transparency, responsibility, and environmental and social performance.  Our goal is to achieve B Corp certification by 2025.

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