Our Governance

Bonduelle SA

Bonduelle SA, the Group’s operational holding company, is headed by Xavier Unkovic, Chief Executive Officer, who is also the permanent representative of the Manager of Bonduelle SCA. After serving as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Christophe Bonduelle has served as non-executive Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bonduelle SA since July 2018.

The Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is comprised of members of the Bonduelle family and independent directors. Their assignment is to define the company’s strategy and investment policy.

Christophe Bonduelle Chairman
Ana María Bonduelle
Benoît Bonduelle
François Bonduelle
Jean-Bernard Bonduelle
Marc Bonduelle
Philippe Carreau
Miriam Fedida
Pierre Pâris
Martine Pélier
Martine Pélier
Marie-Ange Verdickt
Armand Biau Director representing employees

Xavier Unkovic was appointed Chief Executive Officer by the Board of Directors of Bonduelle SA on June 1, 2023. Since 2021, the Chief Executive Officer has been supported by an Executive Committee (Excom), which is responsible for implementing the strategy defined by the Board of Directors of Bonduelle SA. The composition of the Executive Committee reflects the concern for gender diversity in the governance bodies and the Group’s international dimension.

Xavier Unkovic Chief Executive Officer, Bonduelle Group
Cyrille Auguste CEO for Bonduelle Europe Long Life
Céline Barral CSR and Corporate Communications Director
Ekaterina Eliseeva CEO for Bonduelle EurAsia Markets
Marine Henin Head of Human Resources
Patrick Lesueur Director of Bonduelle Prospective & Development
Bobby Chacko CEO for Bonduelle Fresh Americas
Grégory Sanson Director of Finance, Digital Transformation and Geographical Development

The Remuneration Committee, which reports to the Board of Directors of Bonduelle SA and is mostly comprised of independent members from outside the company, makes proposals to the Board of Directors concerning the remuneration of the Group’s management bodies and of employees who are members of the Bonduelle family, and also gives its opinion on the remuneration policy for the Group’s main executives. Its meetings are held independently of the corporate life of the listed company.

Marie-Ange Verdickt Chairwoman
Florence Ferraton
Florence Ferraton Partner at Russel Reynolds
Laurent Marembaud Director of Human Ressources at Savencia Group
Philippe Carreau Member of the Bonduelle SA board of Directors

The role of the CSR Committee is to assist decision-making on CSR strategy and business ethics, and to monitor implementation and the achievement of objectives.

Bonduelle SCA

Two categories of partners

The partnership limited by shares (SCA) has two categories of partners:

  • Pierre et Benoît Bonduelle SAS is a General Partner, indefinitely and jointly and severally liable for the company’s debts on its own assets. A seven-member Board of Directors, elected from among its members, determines the General Partner’s position on strategic options submitted to the Board of Directors of Bonduelle SA. Its decisions help to determine the latter’s positions through the representatives of Pierre et Benoît Bonduelle SAS, who are members of the Board of Directors of Bonduelle SA.


  • The Limited Partners (other families, public and employees) are in the same situation as the shareholders of a public limited company; their liability is limited to the amount of their contribution.



Management is conducted by Pierre et Benoît Bonduelle SAS, itself represented by Christophe Bonduelle, permanent representative.

The Supervisory Board

This is responsible for the permanent control of the company’s management (review of the financial statements, judgment on the conduct of corporate affairs) on behalf of the limited partner shareholders. The Supervisory Board has nine members, including one member representing employees. Its composition guarantees its competence, independence and availability to carry out its assignment and represent the interests of the shareholders. All members are independent (except member representing employees).

Martin Ducroquet Chairman
Jean-Pierre Vannier Vice Chairman
Laurent Bonduelle
Agathe Danjou
Rémi Duriez
Cécile Girerd-Jorry
Jean-Michel Thierry
Corinne Wallaert
Corinne Wallaert
Didier Cliqué Member representing employees
The Audit Committee

This committee, which reports to the Supervisory Board, is responsible, in particular, for monitoring the process of preparing financial information, reviewing the financial statements in detail, assessing internal control and risk management systems, and reviewing the annual audit programs of the Statutory Auditors.

Jean-Michel Thierry Chairman
Martin Ducroquet
Cécile Girerd-Jorry
Jean-Pierre Vannier