People's well-being at the core

The B! Pact: because we truly care about others

Business activities have an impact on society, the economy, health and the environment – so at Bonduelle we want this impact to be positive. Through plant-based food, we aim to contribute to building a healthier and more sustainable future for those who work for us, for our local communities, for society as a whole, for you. This is what guides us in our transformation into a positive-impact company and in the commitments we make for people and their environment. These commitments translate into actions to foster the training of our employees, support for farming partners and local jobs in communities.


We build meaningful, development-rich and inclusive people journeys at Bonduelle and beyond

Our targets

#7 Create healthy and fair working experiences for our people and partners to thrive

> 75% employee engagement rate (and above our external benchmark)

> 88,4% of growers contracts renewed every year

100% sites with actions promoting plant based diet for associates by 2025

100% of permanent employees covered by life insurance by 2025

100% of permanent employees covered by accessible health insurance by 2025


#8 Foster learning and inclusive hiring practices across Bonduelle and beyond

100% of associates with an individual development plan by 2030

80% of growers supported with training by 2030

100% of sites have implemented inclusive hiring initiatives by 2030

100% of managers trained on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion by 2025


#9 Encourage our teams to engage locally in positive impact actions at work and outside

100% of our sites involved in local initiatives by 2025

Tri de salades
So where are we at today?

of sites have a project involving their local communities


employee engagement rate


of growers have renewed their contract

Our commitments to men and women in action

Our canned and frozen food plants are located at the heart of fields. Although a simple concept, this helps to develop local economies, especially the job market.

Nearly 71% of Bonduelle sites have a project linked to their local communities.

Since 2016, Bonduelle’s German employees have been actively striving to contribute to the activities of the social assistance association Pro Juventa. In Russia, the Louis Bonduelle Foundation is partnering with the “League of Dreams” association to raise children’s awareness of the importance of plant-based food and a balanced diet. And every year, Bonduelle sites continue to engage in social projects alongside their employees and local communities.

From the “Jeunes Pousses Program” to “Pépinière de talents”, Finance for Growth and ManageGO, we are expanding our training programs so that our employees can develop and thrive in a rapidly changing world, notably by gaining new expertise.

Over 88% of contracts are renewed by our partner farmers every year. This loyalty is a clear sign of a balanced relationship.

Equal to equal.

Far from strong-arming our farmers, we cultivate high-quality relationships with our partner farmers. This starts with their independence: Bonduelle accounts for 15% of their revenue on average. Prices are fair, negotiated several months in advance and decrease the impact of global price fluctuations. Even if a farmer can’t harvest their crop due to weather conditions, they are still paid. We guarantee their income by correcting for the inevitable variations in yields and weather-related issues.

A positive-impact group

We aim to be a positive-impact company, not only for the planet but also for our stakeholders, including farmers!

As such, we asked ourselves what we could do to create a lasting and closer connection with our partner farmers that goes beyond the mere crop buyer/seller relationship.

This idea led to the project to include our partner farmers in our capital and invent the notion of “shareholder producer”.

C'est quoi cette opération d'ouverture du capital aux agriculteurs chez Bonduelle ?

The capital increase reserved for our French partner farmers is aligned with our aim to include them in Bonduelle’s value creation: it is a fantastic way to strengthen our long-standing relationships, to maintain an industry of high-quality vegetables that are affordable for everyone and to translate into action our desire to be a positive-impact company.

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