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Bonduelle Americas

Key figures (October 2013)

Revenue in the Americas: €450M

Permanent staff:

North America: 1,400 permanent and 1,600 seasonal employees

South America: Argentina = 5, Brazil = 150

Processing facilities: 12 

Harvesting surface area:

North America 53,000 hectares (130,000 acres)-

South America: Brazil - Cristalina 3,000 hectares (7,500 acres)-

Expertise: Canned & Frozen Vegetables

Brands: Bonduelle, Arctic Gardens & Graves

Volumes in North America: 294,000 T of frozen vegetables (650 million lbs) and 52,000 T (115 million lbs) of canned  vegetables and 2 million cases of other seasonal canned products 

Volumes in South America:  30,000 cases of canned vegetables and 1,500 T of frozen vegetables (3 million lbs)


In 2007, the Bonduelle Group acquired Aliments Carrière, along with its 3 canned vegetable production units and 4 frozen vegetables production units. In 2009, Bonduelle strengthened its commercial assets in Canada by acquiring Family Tradition and Omstead Food. In doing so, Bonduelle became the leader in Canada in terms of frozen and canned food, both in the retail and the food service markets, while achieving 50% of its revenue thanks to sales made in the United States.

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United States

Acquiring 4 frozen vegetable sites belonging to Allens in 2012 was an incredible opportunity for Bonduelle to grow in North America. Strategically established on fertile farming land, the Fairwater site in Wisconsin became a major corn production unit.  The strategic locations in New York and the know-how of employees were unique assets that provided a large pool of talent with exceptionally high-quality frozen vegetables.


Established with a sales office in Brazil since 1994, the Group first supported the development of French retailers and enhanced the brand’s reputation by exporting frozen and canned vegetables from its European sites. In line with its international development plan, the Bonduelle Group tested an agro-industrial establishment project in order to invest in the strong Brazilian market. The high plateaus in the middle of the country were chosen because the subtropical climate allowed for year-round harvesting. Thanks to the Group’s agro-industrial expertise, The Bonduelle plant in Cristalina produces canned peas using fresh vegetables in a market that only offered rehydrated canned peas. As an alternative to corn in its own juice which was the only existing product, Brazil also offers a vacuum-packed canned sweet corn which is new product in Brazil.


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Established with a sales office in Argentina since 1996, just like in Brazil, Bonduelle initially supported the development of French retailers and enhanced the brand’s reputation by exporting canned and frozen vegetables from its European sites.

Bonduelle is still present in Argentina and is the only brand that uses both canned and frozen food technologies. Both of these Bonduelle lines show the largest variety and the highest quality on the market

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