The canned vegetables tradition

The sleeping beauty awakened

GLOBUS is a heritage brand with firm roots in the imaginations of people in Russia and the former USSR as being synonymous with high-quality canned vegetables. Since 2012, the GLOBUS brand has been part of our Group's portfolio and has managed to adapt to evolving consumer expectations, without sacrificing its original recipe: product selection and quality.

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creation of GLOBUS in Hungary
ranking in the sale of canned vegetables for the Bonduelle Group in Russia, thanks to the GLOBUS and Bonduelle brands
most popular canned vegetable brand among Russian consumers
acquisition of GLOBUS by the Bonduelle Group
positions higher in 2020 in terms of brand awareness among Russian consumers and Eastern European countries (fifth to third place)

"Flavors that bring generations closer: a new slogan that highlights vegetables that everyone loves for all big occasions!"

Ekaterina Eliseeva

Chief Executive Officer Bonduelle EurAsia Markets (BEAM)

Macédoine de légumes
A sweet, timeless fragrance

The GLOBUS brand has a strong presence in the collective imagination of Russians and people in the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (former Soviet bloc). From pickles to corn, peas and tomatoes, from Hungary where they were produced and distributed since 1924, they helped to make canned vegetables popular. There is no denying this reputation, as GLOBUS is still evocative of good food, celebrations and intergenerational connection. Our Group supports the brand in its genuine and powerful communication initiatives, to maintain the link with its consumers.

Satisfying consumers with a high-quality offering

GLOBUS offers the vegetables that consumers in Central and Eastern Europe and Russia enjoy: peas, corn, pickles, letcho (Hungarian ragout with bell pepper and tomatoes). Its demand for product and recipe quality is a true trademark. The brand has been innovating for several years, encouraged by our Group and new consumer desires.

boîtes de maïs
A heritage consolidated by our Group

GLOBUS joined the Bonduelle portfolio in 2012. This was a natural merger as specialists in vegetable packaging, concerned with quality and the well-being of people and the planet. Since 2012, we have supported GLOBUS in its efforts to expand its offering to satisfy new audiences and enhance its reputation through a new image. We have also worked on the optimization of cannery sites, the development of new preservation techniques and the development of agro-ecology among partner farmers.

champ de blé
GLOBUS for Bonduelle in Eurasia

plants in Hungary


plant in Russia

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