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Product Quality Analyst

Date de publication: 14/05/2019
Ref: 5152019
Type de contrat: CDI (permanent)
Type de métier: Production
Diplôme: High School Diploma or Equivalent


Well established in North America with more than 3,000 employees, we operate across the United States and Canada, where we process primarily frozen and canned vegetables as well as legumes, soups and broths. In addition to processing products for major distributor brands, we also market our own brands, including Arctic Gardens, Graves and Bonduelle.

Today, our products can be found on every table in North America because we do everything possible to ensure that everyone is able to live well through a healthy, sustainable vegetable diet.

At every moment, we’re inspired by our world.

Now we want to be inspired by you!

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Our Brockport, NY location is looking for a Product Quality Analyst to join our 3rd shift team!

Completes grade/audit of all product lines running at intervals not to exceed 30 minutes unless authorized by Quality Assurance Supervisor. Performs routine monitoring of package weights, and documents findings electronically using the appropriate system/software. Consults the daily production schedule to ensure accurate production.

  • Complete accurate documentation in a timely fashion, of all grade/audit checks.
  • Makes immediate notification to Quality Group leader of product lines that may not meet quality specifications. 
  • Collects microbiological samples.
  • Review of all primary and secondary packaging. 
  • Package and case weight auditing.
  • Daily Calibration of Scales.
  • Ensures that all production lines have had an accurate, timely and documented metal detection analysis. 
  • Review all package seals to ensure integrity of the product.
  • Communicates to Production Shift Supervisor or Quality Group Leader as to when product must be held, or when further lot weight verification is required.
  • Coach and provide support to machine operators to ensure they are meeting package weight and mix requirements.
  • Verification of package coding and seal integrity.
  • Performs preoperational sanitation verification. 
  • Completes package and case weight auditing as necessary.
  • Completes Package Code Verification. 
  • Completion of all other tasks as assigned by the Q.S. Group Leader.


  • Cooperative, responsible attitude towards all personnel and equipment within the facility.
  • Ability to work effectively in a team environment 
  • Ability to effectively communicate with others 
  • Excellent Attention to detail. 
  • Basic understanding of statistical weight analysis to include; maximum allowable variance, average, mean, median,, etc.
  • Ability to learn and utilize computerized quality systems programs and software.
  • Must possess the ability to record data legibly and accurately.

High School Diploma or Equivalent


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