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Internship Agro research development specialist H/F (bio project in corn)

Date de publication: 28/11/2018
Ref: stage/R&D/Corn
Type de contrat: Stage
Type de métier: R&D
Diplôme: Engineering school


Currently, the Bonduelle Group's revenue amounts to 1.967 million euros, and hired 9.758 employees in 18 countries. Bonduelle owns 54 production plants and 128 000 hectares of arable land.

Bonduelle EurAsia Markets is Bonduelle Group’s Business Unit covering Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Central Asia markets.

In those areas, Bonduelle is the leader on canned vegetables market and continues to grow on frozen vegetables market. Bonduelle directly and indirectly cultivates 11 000 hectares in the region of Krasnodar to supply its 2 canned vegetables plants.

With 10 000 hectares directly cultivated, Bonduelle Russia has the largest pilot farm of the Group. This enables Bonduelle to experiment and deploy conservation technics and ecologically intensive farming technics on a large scale (strip till, cover crop, comport, conversion bio, etc.).


Bio project in corn on Bonduelle’s farm in Russia. The study conducted during this course will focus on:

- building and maintaining protocol for the future a sustainable plan for scouting based on system used in Bonduelle worldwide.

- keeping accurate records for future database.

- training staff in the correct method for insect scouting and bio applications.

Two fields of 44 ha each with 2 pivots will be used for bio trials in corn till 2018.

The trainee will therefore be in charge of proposing optimized technical itineraries through the setting up and follow-up of tests.

Work with and oversee the Bio insect control project.

Target :

- To adapt a technical itinerary to the production of vegetables in experimentation with the local pedoclimatic conditions.

- Study in parralel with the basical chemical program in term efficiency, final quality product and costs.

- Optimize the cultivation routes, technically and economically

- In the longer term, to propose other ways of reflection on the basis of the elements which could not be studied during the course and which would require a deepening.



• Student of Agronomy Institute / master’s level engineering qualification

• Degree in agricultural engineering or agricultural machinery

• Experience in monitoring crops (if possible corn) and / or experimentation

• Experience in industrial process knowledge

• English: fluent, ideally some knowledge of Russian

• Housing and vehicle provided by the host company

Duration: 6 months starting on March 2018 at the latest.

The internship will be the subject of a dissertation. In addition, the trainee will provide the company with all the data acquired in a form to be defined (raw data, synthesis, etc.).

Travel costs for Russia are borne by the company. On-site accommodation is provided for the duration of the internship.

Internship based in Krasnodar.


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