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What if a company’s role went beyond its economic performance? We, like others, are convinced that it does. It is our duty to use our resources to have a positive impact on our society.


Participating in local life around our production sites has become a priority for us. You may even have come across one of our efforts!

Promoting the Local Job Market

Our canning and freezing facilities are located near the fields. This is a simple concept, but it helps develop local economies, especially the job market.

Local Social Projects

From cooking classes for underprivileged children in Canada to fundraising for children with handicaps in Russia to creating a mini urban forest with school children in Montreal, more and more Bonduelle sites are getting involved in their local communities through social projects.

Charitable Efforts

In the Netherlands, employees mobilized at Christmas to support Akindo, an organization that provides vacations and activities to vulnerable children. This example is just one of the charitable efforts led by almost half of our teams around the world.

Food Donations

And of course we provide several tons of vegetables to charitable organizations every year for redistribution in local communities.  


This is a project with the goal of promoting development in Cameroon. We assist producers and entrepreneurs to help them sustainable grow their businesses.

Learn more about the project  


We promote eating better, reducing obesity, and wasting less food. We believe we can do better, and our foundation has mobilized to support these efforts.

Making Tools Available

Information has an incredible power to promote change. From teaching kits to scientific resources, all our tools are freely accessible.

Awareness-Raising Workshops

What if we helped seniors rediscover a taste for life? From Togo to Italy, we have workshops that all aim to help people better understand and use vegetables!  

Scientific Research

€1,220,000. This is the amount we have invested this year to advance our knowledge base by supporting research programs on nutrition and health.

The Foundation

Call for Projects

We would like projects on various themes: agriculture, sustainable development, education, food behavior, and social efforts.

The Foundation

It is a business foundation focused on respecting the planet, promoting better health, and developing cultures.

More about the Louis Bonduelle Foundation

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