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We 've been asked
if our vegetables
were grown
in soil...

Our vegetables
are grown in soil

We are proud of the way we work , we have indeed made sustainable choices that are already bearing fruits and making a difference.


We have never
used and sown any GMO*

Non-GMO seeds varieties, in accordance
with the regulations in force.

Most of our vegetables
are grown in the country
where they are sold.


Of the farmers
that work with us
renew their contract.

Fair collaborations.

And we will continue to pursue this path.
Because tomorrow, more than ever we will need
to protect resources and support people.

Here is how
we see things
for 2025

More sensitive environmental croplands

With our farmers we will have developed sustainable farming practices to further minimize the use of plant treatment products and mineral fertilisers.

With reduced environmental impacts

Better equipped plants for the production of renewable energies, zero waste plan from the field to the plate, water directly recycled on site...

Feed people and feed them sustainably

Vegetables are tomorrow's food for the entire planet. We would have enhanced their value via traceability, recipes, organic, environmental friendly packaging, short supply circuits...

Focus on 'well-living'

We aim for 0 work related accident with a collateral development of talents, diversity and local employment.

Multiplied best practises

Time for employees' contributions & initiatives that will make a difference! Employees could become "intra" entrepreneurs and societal projects will become a part of everyday life for all...

The transition has started!
And here in Bonduelle, it is already very well under way.

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