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The supply charter

1. In 1996, the Bonduelle Group made a contractual commitment to engage in responsible agriculture: that year we signed the first version of our supply charter. In 2007, the 4th version of the charter was introduced. The 5th version has been rolled out in all agricultural production areas.

2.The supply charter formalises in black and white more than 30 years of relations with vegetable producers. In other words, it sets the standards agreed to by the 3500 farmers in charge of 115,000 ha of vegetables which we process then sell.

3. Translated into 7 languages, this exclusive and particularly rigorous charter is enforced as a reference tool for risk prevention. Thanks to this charter, the quality of our vegetables is deeply rooted within every process.

The 8 stages from the seed to the harvest

The charter's scope of action? From the seed to the harvest, our supply charter traces the vegetable production and supply process in 8 stages. For Bonduelle's agricultural stakeholders, all concerned by the charter - i.e. farmers, suppliers, harvesting companies, transport companies - support is fundamental and visibility is unlimited.

Step n° 1: The plot

The plot is rigorously selected based on its soil; its environment and its water resources.

Step n° 2: The seed

This stage involves choosing the seed or plant that offers the best taste quality for the vegetables and is free from GMOs

Step n° 3: Soil preparation

This is the crop planting stage. This involves preparing the soil using natural methods as far as possible.

Step n° 4: Crop management

Prudent management in the use of phytosanitary products.

Step n° 5: Fertilisation

The organic, mineral-based fertilisation process involves manuring and applying mineral fertiliser.

Step n° 6: Irrigation

Fair management of water resources, in both qualitative and quantitative terms.

Step n° 7: Harvest

Preparation of the plot before the harvest, harvest management, washing of vegetables.

Step n° 8: The factory

This last stage of the charter encompasses the process from when the vegetable is transported from the field until it reaches the factory.

Loud and proud

Each of these stages is of course analysed by both the producer and by our agronomy department. Physical, regulatory, microbiological, chemical and product-quality risks: we are uncompromising on these 5 criteria.

Expert area

The agronomic supply charter

92 % of Bonduelle's partner producers have signed the agronomic supply charter

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