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In the fields...

It is possible to run large-scale productions while preserving the environment. We are proof of it.

For us, being a trail-blazer means showing that it is possible to be an industry actor and a major force in the agro-ecological transformation


Vegetables are our profession. We grow healthful vegetables in the ground without forcing the envelop of nature’s cycles.

Zero GMOs*

We do not plant any varieties of GMO seeds. High-quality vegetables are obtained by crossing varieties or discovering new ones, just as man has always done.

*Varieties guaranteed as non-GMO in accordance with regulations in place

In-Season Only

Our vegetables are only grown and harvested in season. Freezing and canning techniques make it possible to enjoy them all year round. Our fresh lettuce is grown in the north in the summer and in the south in winter to abide by nature’s cycles.

More about our vegetables

Vegetables: Good for Our Future

As everyone knows, increasing the proportion of vegetables in your diet is good for your health, but it’s also a green choice. Plants are the key to feeding people while preserving the plant.

Respect for Regionalities

All vegetables are grown in the most appropriate regions. We get peas from Hauts-de-France, bell peppers from Portugal, and more!

Our range of organic products is continually growing. The company is even number 1 in organics in Quebec!

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Our innovative agriculture techniques promote the health and fertility of soil and guarantee healthy, abundant crops.

Crop Rotation

Our partner farmers use crop rotation. They avoid growing the same vegetables on the same parcel of land two years in a row to allow the earth time to recover.

Minimal Chemicals

Whenever possible, we develop natural or mechanical solutions for fighting diseases and pests to avoid using fertilizers and pesticides. These solutions include anti-insect netting and mechanical weeding, among others. The same is true for fertilization, for which crop cover and crop rotation are employed.

2025 Goal

We would like 100% of cultivated acres to use sustainable, alternative practices. We would like to be using drip irrigation, no-till agriculture, capacity probes, crop cover, and more.

Using the Right Amount of Water

We have precisely managed the supply of water using chosen irrigation techniques like drip irrigation and precision nozzles for pivots. New technologies make it possible to save even more by conducting a water balance assessment for each parcel of land. The progressive implementation of networks of sensors makes it possible to know the precise water needs for cultivated lands.

Expanding Best Practices

Many techniques  are in place or being tested to go further to preserve the soil, including crop cover, grassy buffer strips along roads, connected insect traps, replacing fertilizer with plant-based compost.

Green peas, green beans, chickpeas...

These legumes help
regenerate the soil !

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The location of the fields that produce food for Bonduelle is also a key factor in our sustainable development approach.

Carefully Selected Fields

Each parcel of land is selected based on its soil, environment, water resources, and compliance with crop rotation guidelines.

Producing Locally

Thanks to our global presence, most of our vegetables are produced in the country where they will be eaten. In France, for example, 80% of the vegetables we sell there are grown there.

Short Distances

We prefer as short a distance as possible between the field where produce is grown and the place it is packaged. It’s better for the environment and it’s the golden rule for preserving vitamins and freshness.

With only a few hours
between harvesting and preparation,
the vegetables oxidize very little.

In addition...

3.0 and Pilot Farms

We test the most promising methods in the field and then expand them to the rest of the company.

The Bonduelle Charter

96% of our farmers have signed our Charter on World Agronomy.

Read our charter 

Agriculture and Technology

We have programs for better mastering agricultural practices using IT.

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