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CSR Report 2018-2019



Corporate Social Responsibility Report

The CSR report covers, for FY 2018-2019, all our commitments, results and prospects for social, environmental and economic sustainable development. In line with the GRI Standards Core compliance option, it demonstrates our on-going commitment to provide transparent information on our sustainable development. 

Download the Bonduelle CSR Report 2018-2019

Code of Conduct for Ethical Business Practice

The Code of Conduct for Ethical Business Practice Bonduelle is a mandatory application document for all Bonduelle Group managers and staff members. It defines the fundamental rules of business ethics and illustrates the various behaviors to be prohibited as likely to constitute breaches of probity and in particular corruption or influence peddling.

Download the Bonduelle Code of Conduct



Ethics Charter

Our ethics charter reiterate our membership of the UN Global Compact and sets out to expand on the core values we intend to defend and promote: peopleminded, confidence, openness, simplicity, integrity, fairness and excellence.

Download the Bonduelle ethics charter



Agronomic Charter

Our agronomic supply charter sets the standards agreed to by all our farmers partners.

Download the Bonduelle agronomic charter 


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