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The controlling family shareholder, the directors and the officers of Bonduelle unite for the common good during the Covid-19 crisis

The Shareholders' General Meeting of December 3, 2020, will be asked to approve a 20% reduction in the usual group's distribution ratios with regard to the dividend for fiscal year 2019-2020. The Supervisory Board has expressed its support for this plan. The members of Bonduelle SCA's Supervisory Board and Bonduelle SA's Board of Directors have decided to forgo 20% of their directors' fees. In addition, the members of the Executive Management have taken a 20% reduction in their fixed compensation during the quarantine.

These sums help to fund the bonus being given to the employees who have continued to staff the plants and have demonstrated a proud commitment to their work, setting aside their legitimate concerns in order to guarantee that everyone has access to food.

The sums collected also help offset the lost wages of the lowest-earning employees, and they go toward assisting employees who are facing challenging medical situations.

These actions show that the civic engagement of the group and its teams in combating the coronavirus extends beyond the role of a responsible player in the food chain. This engagement is visible both inside and outside the company, at all levels, and it aims to touch as many people as possible, both on an ad hoc basis in response to emergencies and over the long term when different situations require it.

For everyone, by everyone, and around the world, initiatives and joint efforts continue to be created and organized to best respond to local needs and the daily challenges of healthcare workers. In the United States, Canada, France and elsewhere in Europe, local community-oriented efforts are proliferating to help those who are most in need. American families in difficulty, Food Banks of Quebec, Lille students, homeless people in the Île-de-France French region and charities of all types, among other examples, have received product donations thanks to our employees' extraordinary dedication.

In addition, from mid-May to the end of August, Bonduelle is offering free access to Cabaletta salad vending machines in the hospitals in Lille, France, giving healthcare workers round-the-clock, unrestricted access to a balanced diet.

One thing is certain: although the Covid-19 crisis will have created challenges, it will also have offered, however, an opportunity to resoundingly affirm the values of solidarity and community integration that the employees of the Bonduelle Group so cherish.

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