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The Bonduelle Group has chosen to adopt the Nutri-score nutritional labelling system

With a view to always ensuring more transparency for consumers, the Bonduelle brand will be displaying Nutri-score labels for all its products. As a pioneer in the field, this commitment perfectly illustrates the group's ambition to become the world leader for healthy living through plant-based foods.

The Group's priority: informing consumers

Having always fought for clear and transparent information, Bonduelle will be displaying the Nutri-score label for all its French canned, frozen, fresh and prepared products: in total, more than 500 products are concerned. As such, Bonduelle will be offering consumers easily-understandable information regarding the nutritional qualities of purchased products. 

As a dynamic stakeholder in nutritional and health changes, the Bonduelle Group has been committed to an ambitious nutritional policy since 2003. The sustainable improvement of our eating habits and healthy lifestyles is at the heart of its project. This in part requires providing clear and relevant information to consumers, to help them choose the healthiest and most balanced foods.

So, in keeping with its "Visa Santé" nutritional programme - a continuous improvement approach based on assessing and optimising its products, and thus entirely in line with its ambition - Bonduelle is committing itself to helping consumers by adopting the Nutri-score system so they can better understand the keys to healthy eating habits.

By the end of this project, all the Group's products will be labelled with the Nutri-score

Currently, 98% of products are classified A and B - so among the best-ranked by the system. Simultaneously, the Bonduelle Group will be pursuing its research as part of the "Visa Santé" programme to further improve its product offer's nutritional quality.

The results are firm: the research conducted has succeeded in reducing salt content in over 200 canned vegetable recipes (-25% over 5 years for pea-based products for instance). Similarly, recipes for prepared salads were worked on and reformulated. As an example, traditional mustard beetroot saw its fatty substance content reduced by 33%, and its salt content reduced by 50%.

For more information about "Visa Santé":


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