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The Bonduelle Group crosses another threshold and makes major environmental and societal commitments

20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, 100% of packaging designed to be recyclable or reusable, 100% of surface areas cultivated using alternative techniques, and more:

Just over a year ago, Bonduelle presented its Manifesto and unveiled its "La nature, notre futur" signature. These represent deep convictions that today are being formalized through the company's commitments built on three major pillars: the Planet, Food and People.

CSR: a new threshold crossed

Since 1996, when Bonduelle first created its agronomic charter, several milestones have entrenched Corporate Social Responsibility in the company's strategy. In 2020, we are crossing a new threshold —one that is even more significant than previous thresholds and that powerfully commits the Group to all its stakeholders. Through its ambition to become the "world reference in 'well-living' through plant-based food" and the promise of its Manifesto, "let's make a better future through plant-based food," the Bonduelle Group aspires to become a company that is "better for the world."


Better for Food, with an objective of ensuring the positive impact of all its brands, as the "Bonduelle commits*" initiative illustrates in Europe.



Better for the Planet, with robust commitments to slash greenhouse gas emissions and develop alternative growing techniques.



Better for People, by making the target of zero workplace accidents a central focus every day, everywhere the Group does business. 

2025 and 2035 objectives

Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, recyclable packaging, alternative growing techniques . . . Many strong commitments detailed in The B! Pact: the Bonduelle Group's pact to "create a better future through plant-based food", which brings together the company's objectives as part of its CSR approach.

With this in mind, the company is committing itself to major objectives, which are at the very heart of tomorrow's food and environmental challenges:

The Bonduelle Group is striving to earn B Corp certification for all of the Group's operations.

These official objectives are part of the road map that places the Group on the path to the B Corp seal, the ultimate certification for companies that, like Bonduelle, want to become "better for the world."

While the company is a trailblazer when it comes to incorporating CSR into the heart of its strategy, it is now formalizing substantial commitments that outline the next part of the journey it has already been on for several years. Bonduelle now has its sights on B Corp certification for all of its operations. This is an ambition that must be manifested not only in the objectives, but also in concrete, measurable actions making it possible to achieve those objectives.

Significant results so far

The B Corp mission is beginning: this is the entire objective of this road map, which engages all the company's teams and its stakeholders, everywhere it does business. However, Bonduelle's environmental sensibility is not brand new, and we have already achieved promising results. In a world that is facing monumental societal challenges, food and agriculture are drivers through which agro-industrial groups need to take action to shrink their environmental footprint. The Bonduelle Group has been doing precisely this for several decades by working in tandem with its farmer partners to create sustainable, responsible agriculture for all. Bonduelle is sustaining these efforts and continuing to forge its path toward a more plant-based future that is healthier and more responsible for everyone.


Faced with the formidable planet-wide challenge of feeding nearly 9 billion people while taking into consideration the environmental issues stemming from climate change, Bonduelle has chosen to put plant-based food at the center of consumers' plates. This decision is driven by Bonduelle's conviction that plant-based food and the development of the agroecological sectors are essential prerequisites for creating sustainable, first-rate agriculture that benefits the generations of today and tomorrow.

Under these circumstances and thanks to the extensive work carried out in tandem with its farmer partners, the brand is announcing its six commitments. 

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