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Launch of the first Agri Party Saturday, September the 30th in Fresnay en Retz

The initiative will be rolled-out throughout France

The first Agri Party, a real agriculture festival, has been held Saturday, September the 30th at Fresnay in Retz at the farm of Patrick Briand. One hundred guests gather for a moment of conviviality between farmers and the general public, mainly families (parents and children).

The idea was born on 5 and 6 December 2016, when the Bonduelle Group gathered with all its stakeholders (employees, partners, customers, farmers) for the time of a Hackathon on Sustainable Agriculture. The objective: to promote responsible agriculture among consumers. One idea stood out and won the jury award: The "Agri Party" or how to better inform consumers on good agricultural practices. Indeed, on one side, 90% of consumers want more information about what they eat and on the other, farmers want to have a closer and more direct relationship with consumers and they want them to discover their jobs. A bond between them needed to be created! Hence the winning team came up with the idea of a party: an "Agri Party", a privileged and friendly moment where farmers invite consumers to their places, on a farm near the fields, and make them discover their daily lives. The event will be sponsored by Bonduelle.

Some tours of the farm and a big meal to be shared with each other 

The first farmer to invite the public on his farm in Fresnay en Retz is Patrick Briand. The farmer hosted one hundred people, in Fresnay en Retz, and explained his job by using a several step circuit around the fields. Families discovered lamb’s lettuce, young shoots and salad crops, harvested lamb’s lettuce under shelter and ride on a tractor. Children participated in cooking workshops and prepared the starter that they ate together later on to close this beautiful moment of conviviality and discovery. Thanks to the Agri Party, farmers and families removed the stereotypes and mental clichés that still persist. This initiative will be rolled-out throughout France.

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