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Culinary innovation at the heart of the 3rd edition of the Veggi'week organised by Bonduelle and the Paul Bocuse Institute in Lyon from 16 to 23 April

A week entirely dedicated to vegetables! For 8 days, the Paul Bocuse Institute and Bonduelle set up a true think tank which gives rise to different concepts aimed at reviving the interest in eating vegetables at all ages and on any occasion!

For almost 7 years, Bonduelle and the Paul Bocuse Institute have been partners for vegetable-based projects. Veggi week is the climax of this partnership and aims to offer tangible actions to illustrate the ideas which have emanated throughout the year. The global population will be around 9 billion by 2050, and feeding the planet is a major concern in which vegetables should play a pivotal role.


The Veggi’week: A vegetable-based educational and practical event 

With conferences, cooking workshops, culinary challenges, Veggi week aims to promote vegetables and encourage their consumption by everyone. This year, the event will feature three highlights:

Veggi’challenge: students taking the Master's Degree in Culinary Management & Innovation at the Paul Bocuse Institute will be divided into three groups to face an educational challenge, to devise "innovative solutions" to reintroduce vegetables as a main part of meals. This targets three population categories: teenagers, adults and the elderly. Their work will then be evaluated based on the originality, quality, viability, sustainability and compatibility with the target population.

Veggi’cook: the students work in a kitchen with the Bonduelle teams "exploring the culinary usages of vegetables".

Veggi’knowledge: several conferences about vegetables are held throughout the week.

Bonduelle and the Paul Bocuse Institute wish to dedicate this special moment to vegetables each year, setting them at the heart of the questions and projects to promote their consumption by all and on any occasion.

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