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Bonduelle: a key agro-industry player in the Southwest

The Bonduelle Group in the Southwest

Strength in numbers: the creation of Soléal in 2005

Bonduelle has been operating in Aquitaine since 1978; Labenne was the Group’s first site in the region. In 2005, it joined forces with three major Southwest cooperatives to set up Soléal with the goal of developing the industry and ensuring its long-term presence in the region. Soléal allows everybody to benefit from one another’s expertise, optimise production costs and create synergy in order to produce more and above all, produce higher quality products. The successful outcome has enabled Bonduelle and its partners to become Europe’s leading sweetcorn producers.

Gautier Mulliez has headed Soléal since 2015. His leadership is based on the principle 50% Bonduelle, 50% cooperatives.


Focus on the Labenne site

A promising campaign

The weather has been so hot in recent weeks that harvesting had to start early. Nevertheless, the vegetables’ quality and quantity meet expectations.

The timetables are based on past meteorological averages, but the reality is sometimes different, and has been especially in the past two years. In 2014, for example, June and July were cold and wet; this year they are hot and dry. These conditions mean that farmers, agronomists and the site must continuously adapt to the crops’ behaviour, the harvesting schedule and the production timetable. Agronomists and farmers are in touch with the site every day to update schedules depending on the quantity of vegetables available in the fields: flexibility and adaptability are key in these professions.

The Labenne site works with 200 farmers who cultivate 4,500 ha, mostly of sweetcorn, which accounts for 80% of the volumes the plant processes. The remaining 20% is green beans. Labenne is the Group’s only plant that mechanically processes green beans.


The campaign, which will probably last until around mid-October, is just beginning, but the Group feels upbeat about the volumes expected this year.


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