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Agro-ecology: Bonduelle and its partner farmers are ambassadors for responsible and sustainable agriculture.

An agro-industrial network at the service of a sole ambition: to be the world leader in healthy living through vegetables

Vegetable farming, in the widest sense possible, is a key part of the company's DNA. The Group's constant ambition and goals are to produce healthy and high-quality vegetables whilst preserving Mother Nature.

To do so, Bonduelle and its farmer partners have put into practice the principles of agro-ecology - the purpose of which is to make agriculture more sustainable by magnifying natural ecosystem functions to reduce environmental impact and preserve natural resources.

Bonduelle farms close to 128,000 hectares of land throughout the world, working alongside its 3,100 farmer partners. Production sites are located in the heart of the very best farming areas, and as close as possible to major consumption hubs.

Bonduelle is vastly involved in upstream farming, and has built up an exemplary field of work, based on a supply model with two main sources: producer organisations and cooperatives (77% of land - other supply sources include self-production and independent producers).

This supply system namely makes it possible to ensure plot rotations - which are the key to avoiding soil depletion, producing more accurately to prevent waste and scheduling sowing and harvesting to optimise yield and quality.

As for the partner farmers, they are able to keep their independence (Bonduelle rarely represents more than 20% of their revenue), whilst benefiting from Bonduelle's agronomic know-how, available to them at all times. Financially, they can secure their revenue thanks to fixed, guaranteed prices every year. 

It is a long-term partnership, based on mutual trust. In fact, the figures speak for themselves: loyalty rates for partner farmers are on average 16 years throughout the world and 20 years in France.

A proactive CSR policy

From the end of the 90s, Bonduelle made CSR a cornerstone of its development strategy. One of the first results of this approach was the drafting - in 1996 - of a world agronomic charter for quality and the environment.

Its goal? To ensure soil quality and amendment traceability - thus guaranteeing good quality vegetables as soon as they are planted. It makes up a contractual commitment, that includes all stakeholders working upstream to farming within the group: farmers, suppliers, harvesting companies, transporters. This commitment coincides with the high quality requirements set out by the group's brands, as well as with their responsible approach - for the benefit of consumers and whilst ensuring environmental friendliness. Currently, 95% of partner farmers have signed this charter.

Within the framework of this proactive policy, Bonduelle has set out 5 objectives to be reached by 2025.

The first perfectly illustrates the group's ambition to produce more sustainably: "Take care of the cultivated land with our farmer partners". Water resource management, plot selection, development of new farming techniques to limit amendments, etc. Bonduelle and its partner farmers do everything in their power to boost sustainable agriculture - so as to better meet the major food and health challenges of the future. 

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