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Arctic Gardens

The vegetables we love

Arctic Gardens is the number-1 brand of frozen vegetables in Quebec and the number- 1 brand of frozen vegetable mixes in Canada.

a success in two phases

The history of Arctic Gardens is one of success in two phases: first with large-scale retailers, and then with consumers.


Arctic Gardens was a regional brand supplying supermarkets in Quebec and southern Ontario. At the time, its star product was chopped spinach.


The brand changed its logo and enriched its offer of high-quality vegetable mixes to boost its development. This transition enabled it to bolster its presence in the country’s major food chains and to become a must-have brand for consumers, with the help of impactful marketing campaigns.


In an effort to enhance consumer awareness of the brand, Arctic Gardens made its first foray into the mass media, with bold and particularly creative advertising messages. The brand increased its market shares and established itself as market leader in Quebec.


Arctic Gardens has innovated with its unique range of vegetables for specific purposes, such as its sweetcorn for pâté chinois, or its vegetable mix for spaghetti sauce. Its logo has been modernised and its packaging refined. Arctic Gardens has, inevitably, become a valued ally for Canadian households that are keen to increase their vegetable intake while continuing to prepare popular dishes.

Our unique positioning in the frozen vegetables market is in tune with the needs and consumption habits of Canadian people. Our products meet the group’s nutritional requirements and are greatly dynamism they see in our brand.Christian Malenfant, Bonduelle Americas Marketing Department
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