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Visa santé

Visa Santé is our nutritional program: a permanent progress- focused approach based on the assessment and optimization of our food products.

The program revolves around 4 essential points


1158 Bonduelle products
were closely screened
on a nutritional level.


Bonduelle categorizes its products into 3 families :
lightly cooked
Cooked and gourmet




Our products thus have increasingly
lower salt and fat contents.


These nutritional objectives are always added to new Bonduelle product development plans.

Visa Santé, concrete action

prepared salad

Prepared salads: less salt and less fat

Although prepared salads (coleslaw, diced mixed vegetables) spontaneously make consumers think "gourmet" instead of "nutrition", their recipes are also constantly reformulated. Objective: to reduce fat and salt contents.

For traditional mustard beetroot, the change in recipe led to a 33% decrease in fat and a 50% decrease in salt.

Canned foods: reduced salt content

Did you know? Canned food does not contain any preservatives whatsoever. Water and a little salt to improve taste are the only ingredients added to our vegetables. Bonduelle is therefore currently focusing on reducing salt contents.

Over 200 canned vegetable recipes were reviewed. For the green pea range, salt contents have been reduced by 25% over the last 4 years.

canned vegetables
Frozen vegetables

Frozen foods: vegetable galettes within objectives

Currently, almost all of Bonduelle frozen foods have reached the objectives set by the Visa Santé nutritional program.

For instance, for frozen vegetable galettes: reduction of almost 20% in salt, 30% in saturated fatty acids.

Packaged salads: all varieties audited

Packaged salads use a wide variety of salads - fully natural products by definition - Visa Santé has been the most rapid in this category: they have all been audited.

Results in line with VISA SANTÉ objectives After four years of effort, Traiteur Bonduelle products having reached their thresholds set by the VISA Santé nutritional program have gone from 66% to 95%, and from 87% to 99.5% for frozen products.

fresh salad

Laurence Depezay

Bonduelle Nutrition Manager

Visa Santé helped improve the nutritional quality of all our existing products, as well as establish development frameworks for our new Bonduelle products. Visa Santé also has another goal: Bonduelle cannot communicate any nutritional information regarding products considered to be gourmet using our criteria, account taken of the vegetable category. More than ever, it is our responsibility to ensure consumers are provided with simple, objective and transparent nutritional information"

Nutritional graphic charter

In the interest of greater clarity, simplicity and coherence, Bonduelle group has adopted a charter on the nutritional labeling of the production in all the countries. Over and above regulatory information (European regulations on Consumer information and health claims, the coherence of the nutritional information makes it clear and easy to read.

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