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Online Nutrition

MARELLE: to Eat Healthily at School

The MARELLE software is used in schools to help maintain nutritional balance for the meals served in school cafeterias. Developed by Bonduelle, and available for free download at , it helps users create food plans that comply with French regulations and elaborate subsequent menus. The MARELLE software is also community-based and can thus be used to share recipes, technical sheets and ingredients.

In France, the website obtained the PNA's (National Food Program) logo - "Eating right, that's everybody's business" - launched in 2012 by the Ministry for Agriculture, Agri-foods and Forests, saluting the program's contribution to the improved quality of food supplies.

"The nutritional balance of school cafeteria meals is ensured thanks to the application of the GEMRCN Nutritional recommendation, made compulsory in 2011. However, these rules are considered too difficult to be applied within local organizations. Indeed, they deal both with the frequency with which certain food is served (either encouraged or limited) and with the adjustment of portions to each population category (kindergarten children, primary school children, teenagers, etc.)".Jean-Yves Favard, Dietician at Bonduelle.

Nutrigo : feeding on our own experience

Sharing our experience and R&D results within Bonduelle is the aim of our IT platform, NutriGo. Any Bonduelle employee who is likely to be in contact with customers can find :


our products' nutritional quality

on the control
of our industrial processes

on our Nutritional commitments

"Over the last 10 years, the Nutrition department has gathered a great amount of data thanks to employee experiences and to the research work carried out by R&D, and deemed it important to. share this information with the rest of the Group."Sophie Léger, Nutritional engineer at Bonduelle.
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