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Louis Bonduelle business foundation

Created in 2004, the Louis Bonduelle Foundation aims to bring about lasting changes in eating habits. The Foundation offers large numbers of people worldwide practical ways of incorporating vegetables into their daily routine in a useful, realistic and original manner.

Information and awareness building

One of the three aspects of the Louis Bonduelle Foundation’s work is information and awareness building, aimed at the general public, as well as schools, institutions and associations.

A comprehensive site

The website of the Louis Bonduelle business foundation -  - offers extremely comprehensive information about vegetables and eating habits, including vegetable fact files, hints and tips, recipes, scientific information, and educational kits and games for teachers.


The Foundation organises various exhibitions and conferences in the countries in which it operates. Each spring, the Louis Bonduelle Foundation Conference provides an opportunity to review the progress made in eating habits and to present the Louis Bonduelle Research Award. More information about the Conference 

Supporting research

One of the other two aspects of the Louis Bonduelle Foundation’s work is supporting medical, sociological and agronomic research.


Each year, the Louis Bonduelle Research Award rewards a young researcher working on nutrition or eating habits.


The Louis Bonduelle Foundation is a partner of the European Childhood Obesity Group (ECOG), an association of over 150 scientists, researchers and clinicians sharing best practices and taking action on child obesity at European level.

Action in the field

The third aspect of the Louis Bonduelle Foundation’s work consists in promoting and financing concrete actions to help people change their eating habits.

For the elderly

Art et Saveurs Nature is a programme aimed at the residents of rural retirement homes in France. By producing works of art using vegetables and taking part in cookery workshops, they are invited to rediscover vegetables.

In Italy

La Fondazione L. Bonduelle in Italy offers the game " inOrto ". It allows children aged 6 to 12 to discover the stages in the creation of a real vegetable garden: preparing the ground, sowing the seeds, caring for the plants and, finally, harvesting them.

Do you have a project we can help you with ?

Twice a year, the Louis Bonduelle Foundation launches a call for proposals to support associations or other organisations developing projects focused on the promotion of healthy eating.

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