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Bonduelle publishes its 2017-2018 registration document, which includes its CSR report, validated according to Core requirements of the GRI Standards

The December 13 2018

Canned Foods with Less Water

Cooling canned foods is the part of the process that consumes the most water at the plant. So how can we use less in order to preserve this precious resource? The Saint-Césaire site in Canada found the solution: reusing the water used for cooling!

The December 12 2018

Vegetables for People Living in Dire Poverty

Not all of the vegetables processed at a plant will reach supermarket shelves: a small percentage will stay behind, despite being perfectly edible. At several sites in Russia – Novotitarovskaya, Timashevsk and Moscow – nothing is thrown out if it can still be eaten. Instead, these vegetables are donated to the needy.

The December 05 2018

Farming with Less Water

Water management in agriculture is essential for anyone who wants to be part of the ecological transition. At the Gniewkowo site in Poland, as in many of our fields, farmers have chosen a new irrigation method, replacing the traditional system with drip irrigation.

The November 28 2018

Jobs for Prisoners

Around the same time each year, during the busy season, the site finds itself in need of workers, as most people prefer year-round employment. Meanwhile, some prisoners would like a chance to reform and work...

The November 20 2018

Supplies for schoolchildren

For families in need, the start of the school year can be challenging, since it requires making a lot of purchases. To help with these purchases, employees at the Sainte-Martine site have been doing their part to get school supplies to those who need them in the community for the past four years.

The November 14 2018

Suscribe to our

Walking for a Good Cause

Good health doesn't happen by chance. You have to work for it. How? By fighting diseases that threaten it and by raising awareness about how to prevent them. That is just what the annual Rochester Heart Walk aims...

The November 05 2018


First Quarter FY 2018-2019 Revenue

The November 05 2018

Sheltering the Homeless from the Cold

Sheltering the Homeless from the Cold

As everyone knows, winters in Canada are bitterly cold. For homeless individuals, the months of December, January and February are the most challenging.

The October 24 2018

We go further

Agroecology: towards a more sustainable agriculture

The October 10 2018


The “Émotion Végétale” boutique is Bonduelle's new 100% plant-based concept store.

The October 04 2018


Bonduelle Fresh Europe is opening its new high environmental quality headquarters

The October 04 2018


2017-2018-Annual results

The October 01 2018


Plant-based food to feed the World Bonduelle's commitments for the future

The October 01 2018

Plant-based food

More plant-based food, the top nutritional priority!

The September 25 2018

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